Friday, September 27, 2013

Vacation Day 5 - Philly to New Jersey

On Wednesday we went to Terme Di Aroma day spa for facials and massages. Mom deserved after being dragged around the city for days. I deserved it for doing the same but with a broken toe. They did a very nice job and would recommend. Then we stopped at a small, private boutique (where you have to make an appointment) and I bought a necklace to wear with my dress for the wedding. the necklace I brought broke :(  Mom bought an awesome purse. The designs in the "store" were very unique. Then it was back to the inn and a long cab ride to New Jersey.

We stayed at a Hilton Garden Inn in Westampton New Jersey. The first day there we didn't have a car so we rested and ate at the sports bar attached to the hotel (yucky). I loved the chandelier in the lobby.

Me in the elevator. I don't remember why I took a photo of myself in the elevator. Probably because we had no transportation or plans so I was entertaining myself.

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