Saturday, September 28, 2013

Vacation Days 6 & 7 - New Jersey & Rehearsal Dinner

We didn't have firmed up plans for Thursday. We thought of Atlantic City but there was a big boardwalk fire and we weren't sure where it was. Plus driving in NJ was a little intimidating at first because in the area we were in you cannot do left turns! Cousin Maureen suggested the little town of Mount Holly with quaint little shops and restaurants.

We had lunch at the Robin's nest and did some shopping at a boutique, Christmas store, QUILT STORE, and a couple others. On Friday we ventured a little farther and tried to find a mall using my phone - obviously a misunderstanding of the address because it dumped us in the ghetto of Trenton. Eventually we were back on the road and found the mall where I saw this (below) peanut butter store. You can have any kind of peanut butter sandwich, smoothie, etc.

Friday night was the rehearsal. Let to right, Rory (brother of groom and the best man), Kevin (the groom), Caitlyn (the beautiful bride), and Elizabeth (bride's sister and maid-of-honor). In this photo the priest is signing the license and making sure everything is correct.

The rehearsal night dinner was hosted by the groom's mother (Cousin Maureen) and her Hank. Here's a bride's maid, the bride, and Hank.

Maureen with Hank's parent's Carl and Peg.

Hank with the groom Kevin.

Best man & brother Rory with his girlfriend Jackie.

Couple views of the venue. It's not a restaurant but a venue for catered events. The food was really good.

Tomorrow, the wedding!

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