Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Brats 2013

It wasn't easy but I did finally get three photos decent enough to make a FB banner (last photo). They become a squirming mess when you dress them up or take out a camera so doing both is a disaster.

Eddie is wearing a buzz lightyear costume but he wouldn't let me pull up the headpiece and I couldn't get a back or side view for you to really see it. He was focused only on the treat in my hand.

I got a couple shots with Deckie's hat on but he looks miserable. Too bad because he made a cute Woody (wishing they had toy story woody costumes when I had my foster Woody - that would have been hysterical.)

Diamond just wanted to stare at me so I would have to turn her sideway to get a photo, quickly shoot, turn her again, shoot get the idea.

I hope that when you click on this you get a larger view because these were the top three photos.


Julie said...

Oh goodness! They are all so cute!!! Great banner!!! Too bad they hate dressing up so much, and the camera! Doozey is just the same way. Such a pain! Is your group having an online doggy Halloween party this year? The time Doozey "came" to the Valentines party was a lot of fun!!!

My Little Family: said...

Yes Julie. It will start the 31st and run through Sunday night. You are welcome to join us!

Lea said...

Have a wonderful day!

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