Saturday, October 26, 2013

Lunch on the Beach

Jerry and I both had a Monday off recently - he for Columbus day and me for a canceled appointment - so we took my mom to lunch at Clearwater Beach. We ate at Frenchy's on Rockaway. Competative  parking but great view. Food was above average for a casual fish joint.
 Can't go to the beach without putting your toes in the sand. That's easy when all you wear are flip flops and slip ons :)

After lunch we stopped to visit Marge at her ALF.  It was a very nice day.


Julie said...

sounded lovely!!! are you near Tarpon springs???

My Little Family: said...

Tarpon is a little north of us but certainly what I would consider nearby. The nearest big beach is Clearwater and there is Sand Key and the beaches along the bridges (Courtney Campbell & Gandy). Being a redhead I rarely beach. Oh, I do occasionally go to Honeymoon Island for the dog beach!

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