Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Jerry & I went to Mom's for Thanksgiving dinner. Sadly, Marge just wasn't up to attending. We had talked it up the last couple weeks and her ALF had her dressed up and hair done but when Jerry went to pick her up she had nodded off and refused to go. We're learning you can't get agreement from her if you wake her up. He hung around a while hoping she would change her mind but, instead, we had our first Thanksgiving without her.

What a surprise when we got there. We were expecting cousins Lea and Sonja (with their husbands) but Aunt Mary and Uncle Larry were there too! Mom knew but didn't tell any of us. We had a nice meal and a nice visit. After dinner mom and I went to Michael's which is our Thanksgiving tradition. Every year I ask the Michael's staff how they feel about working Thanksgiving evening and they say they love it because if you work Thanksgiving night you get black Friday off.
Mom's beautiful fireplace and the garland we made for it last year
Me and Jerry
Cousin Lea and Don

Aunt Mary and Uncle Larry

Cousin Sonja and Tommy
The Thanksgiving table

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Julie said...

How nice to have the surprise of extra family members!!! So sorry Jerry's Mom wasn't having the strength for it this year. Your Moms place looked beautiful and very festive!

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