Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ballet Matinee

Jerry and I went to the ballet this afternoon. I took one photo at the end but it didn't turn out so I found this image on the web. The dance company was the Nureyev State Ballet. It's named after the famous dancer Rudolf Nureyev and the troupe is from Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan. We loved it.

After the ballet we went to out to a very nice dinner. The bonus was that I got the ballet tickets for free and we had 4 gift cards that more than covered the cost of dinner so we went out for the cost of parking and tip.


Lea said...

How lovely!
Hope this week is a good one for you!

Julie said...

Jerry is awesome! my husband would not go to a ballet with me! he would rather stay home and watch his beloved JAG, and Matlock!!!! LOL.
What a grand evening you had practically free!!! Awesome!!!! im a little jealous tho..... (hehehe) ;)

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