Monday, January 27, 2014

I Got A New Foster And His Name Is Keeko

Leaving the Miami-Dade shelter where he wasn't offered on the adoption floor
Enjoying grass again and getting ready to start his journey to central Florida
Keeko is a giant rat terrier, possibly a Decker, and didn't fit in the crate the shelter puller brought so he got to ride in the back seat on his 4 car transport.
Everyone who transported him thought he was a sweet baby (he's young) and huge for a rattie.

Finally......Clearwater! I brought a toy in our car and he was so excited that he wouldn't let go of it and carried it into the house. I bet he missed having toys while he was incarcerated.
LIttle learning curve at the dog door
He's trying to make friends with Eddie - not going so well


Julie said...

How wonderful of you!!! You are a saint for these poor pups! Sure hope Eddie warms up quickly (i'm sure he will)!!! Good luck to your new babe!!!

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

A new doggie - that's a big event! We might be looking for another soon too. We go for the big black labs. Patrick

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