Sunday, May 18, 2014

Birthday Weekend

This weekend was Jerry's birthday weekend. In our family birthdays are always celebrated on a Saturday but this year Jerry's really was on a Saturday. My Aunt Hellen (yes, that is how it is spelled) and Uncle Les are visiting from out of state so all 5 of us went to dinner at Basco's Chop House.

My family - Jerry, Les, Hellen, mom

Jerry & me - and I thought I was a bad photographer! lol

Last year for his birthday I signed Jerry up for Medicare part A. I did even better this year and signed him up for social security! 


Julie said...

WOW! You ARE a good photographer! Tell your Mom I love her red handbag! Social Security, eh? Does that mean retirement???? Great birthday present!

Julie said...

Where did she find that red handbag?

My Little Family: said...

Julie she gets more compliments on that red purse! I actually bought it for her in Biloxi about 2 years ago when she dog sat for us while we were in New Orleans. It was from the hotel/casino giftshop.

When Marge was in and out of the hospital I noticed that Largo Medical Center carries the same brand in their giftshop.

Julie said...

well how cool!!!!! its a beauty!!!

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