Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

Jerry had to work this memorial day. So, I took a volunteer opportunity to photo 12 headstones in a local cemetery. Well, that didn't work out - the office was closed and the cemetery way to big to just happen upon the right headstones. I spent over an hour there but even at 9am it was starting to get hot and very sunny. Lots of fire ants too!
I understand it's a municipal cemetery and the employees get municipal holidays off, just as I do as a municipal employee, but it seems memorial day should be the one day of the year that you can count on a cemetery office open. I would even argue they should have extra staff and provide customer service. Enough whining.

I ended up doing volunteer work for Ratbone instead and then grocery shopping and making a cookout type dinner for jerry even though I don't use the grill (scared of the propane tank).

I put together this little collage of my hubby and dads in their uniforms. Luckily they all came back safely. Jerry is on the left, my dad on top, father in law in middle, and step dad on bottom.

We always line our sidewalk on patriotic holidays. So do some of our neighbors. After 911 pretty much everyone did and it looked awesome!

A peace lily at the front door representing my desire for making peace and not war heros.

Loni Ratbone beat Jerry to his chair this

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Julie said...

I will have to do the patriotic flag sidewalk idea!!!! It looks great! Very nice collage of your military men! That Loni is too cute!!!!!

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