Wednesday, June 4, 2014

When Life Gives You Chaos, Make Lemonade

It's been a little hectic around here lately - two dogs under veterinary care and needing twice daily meds, foot soakings, medicated baths, etc. At least there are no dog fights because Diamond really doesn't pick on Lani.

I went back to the cemetery from Memorial Day but this armed with section/lot/space numbers of9 of the 12 decedents on my list. The cemetery sent me a list in order by section and it was 144 pages with about 50 names per page! It took me two evenings of pouring over those listing to find my 9. On the third night I actually found an online version that was in alpha order. Sad that I didn't find it sooner but happy that I was able to confirm my 3 missing names were not on the alpha list either.

It only took 4 graves to realize something - the graves were not photo'd because there were no headstones. I remember someone else on Find-A-Grave stating he had photographed every monument there but I wasn't sure how long ago. Dah - the ones he didn't get were unmarked. I was able to confirm that because of the numbers system AND the same surnames on markers in the adjacent plots (spaces).

I am changing offices in two organizations I belong to and becoming an officer in another.

I've made vacation plans for my mom and I to go to family reunion for a weekend that turned into a trip to Nashville prior to the reunion (reunion in northeast Arkansas near Tennessee). Got plane tickets, bus tickets, boats tickets, museum tickets, trolly tickets, B&B, hotel, rental car, etc. I always get everything in advance and type out an itinerary of the activities. Sometimes I believe my mom and hubby would rather leave me home! lol

Back to the dogs, Eddie injured his pad somehow and was limping and whimpy. He is doing much better now. Loni continues with skin issues but the good news is that while it seems to spread, it is healing. And, she's eating better with a change of food and trying to engage Eddie in play. She just seems so much more interested in us and the dogs the last couple days. Previously she just sorta lived in our house.

I know, boring with no photos but you don't want to see dog injuries or graves with no markers, right?

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Julie said...

Your trip sounds like fun! Sorry about those skin issues! You are very dedicated to researching the graves! Good work on all that!!!! I want to go on a trip, but hubby procrastinating on at least letting me plan it. We can't go anywhere until after July 1 due to his work, but, i could be planning a lovely July 4th somewhere! ;)

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