Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Tree, Part 1

So, this year I wanted to use Marge's tree. She always used a tree with multi color lights ad we always use clear so I thought it would be a nice change and way to remember her on our first Christmas without her. I had this planned since we cleaned out her ALF room and brought the tree home.

Well, the best of plans. The tree would not light up. We tried everything including changes the fuses. I didn't want to give up on the colored light idea and I was looking forward to working with a smaller tree (ours is 9.5 ft) so there was less on and off the ladder. So, long story short, I bought a new tree at Costco. I guess this means we now have 3 - one is a gorgeous commercial sized tree where you have to assemble every branch and add lights (not), the 9.5 with clear that needs quite a bit of straightening out and is hard to assemble the 4 pieces, and now the new tree. Purchased at Costco last night its only 7.5, there are no plugs to connect the sections of lights (when you join the tree sections the lights automatically connect), and the branches are a rubbery consistency where they really don't get pressed down much. It's an easy, easy tree in comparison. Plus, it has this added feature where you can choose between multi-color lights, clear lights, or a never ending changing of the two.
The color stage.....wait a few seconds and presto it's clear lights!

I spent last night watching Christmas movies and filling out my Christmas cards. I got them all done and then realized the envelopes ALL say "may require additional postage". Yikes! The post office (or the people who will be in line behind me) is not going to be too happy with me. I put them in zip code order hoping that will lessen the blow.

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Julie said...

Very nice tree, and easy too! Perfect! Too bad the lights did not want to work on Marges' tree. Sad. You really have tall ceilings! That makes for great trees!!! I think I like the multi lights this year!
Happy holiday season to you and Jerry, and your Mom!!!

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