Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Tree Is Up - It's For The Birds!

 It's up and decorated with a bird theme. A few balls, snowflakes, a couple squirrels because they remind me of raiding bird feeders, birds, bird houses, bird nests, etc.
So fun to pull out my quilted bird tree skirt that I seldom use but love. 
 First time to use the frosty bird house tree topper. I found it at Cracker Barrel at a Christmas clearance a year or two ago. I have been planning this tree for a few years.
 The squirrel! Also a Cracker Barrel find.
 Tiny little birds nest with eggs. I have a beautiful big one but it didn't photo well.
I bought a couple felted bird houses and a few knitted birds from this collection at a Christmas clearance at Macy's or Dillard's a few years ago. It was a very Scandinavian looking collection. Scandinavian design just screams Christmas to me.

One of my favorite ornaments from a dear friend Tracie. It's a tiny bird feeder, about two inches high, and filled with millet. I've had it a long time which is amazing because it's so small it's almost been thrown out with the tree a couple times.
One of the few touristy souvenirs I have from Alaska but I love it and it's perfect for my bird tree. I've done a bird tree years ago, in Alaska, when we did live trees. I need so many more ornaments with the big artificial trees that I had to collect a few more to do it again.

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