Thursday, January 1, 2015


It was a quiet transition from 2014 to 2015 in our house last night with the exception of neighborhood fireworks.

In a strange turn of events, Jerry was up and witnessed the change and I was in bed and missed it. Usually he doesn't stay up and I do but I'm coming down with something and left work early and went to bed. He had to do some online work which involved completing 7 courses so he was up very late.

Lani ignored the fireworks, Diamond didn't hear it, but Eddie was a mess. The older he gets the less tolerant. He was panting and going in and out of the covers as I tried to sleep. Poor boy.

The highlight of the evening was a dinner. I got up around 6 to fix us a dinner of lobster tail and a very thick porterhouse steak. I read an article online about Bobby Flay's favorite porterhouse preparation and it was fabulous - easy, quick, and fab! What a way to end the year.

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Julie said...

Just read this! Hope you are all better by now! Happy New Year! That dinner you made sounded incredible! I have never bought T-bone steaks...I better try that! Lol.

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