Saturday, January 17, 2015

No Camera

My lack of posting, especially during the holidays, is the result of my digital camera going kaput a few months ago. I'm less motivated to blog without photos. But, we had such an exciting holiday season that I want to document/share. So, I'm going to use photos from my iPhone and try to catch up.

Shortly after Thanksgiving I FINALLY talked my husband into going to the Thai temple in Tampa on a Sunday morning. We met a coworker (tip) there. The dragons in the photo were in the Palm River on the night of Loi Krathong. We ate noodle soup, desserts, summer rolls, and visited for several hours with a couple of my coworkers and their friends.

Did I ever mention that I found two albumns of our Solana/Lani/Lollie online? They were from when her previous owner had recently acquired her and was excited to have her. So excited, when she got old she dumped her in a kill shelter. (Exiting my soap box) Here are the links to see Lani as a youngster: and

My nickname for her is Sasquatch because she has big feet. That big girl can twist and fold herself into the smallest of spaces and prefers to sleep in tiny beds.

At my work place we sometimes have available free or discounted tickets to performances at a local venue that the city manages. Just to be clear, we do have to report the value of the tickets on our federal taxes. Usually they are unsold or complimentary tickets. I was able to secure a couple to the Florida Orchestra's holiday performance and Jerry and I made a date of it! The performance was awesome and then we went to a steak house for dinner and that was great. Couldn't help getting a photo of the cows dressed up for Christmas. 

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