Saturday, January 17, 2015

Alice Eating Cookies In Her Box

If you scroll back to a previous post titled "Free Art Friday" you can learn about a monthly event where Artist leave their work around town once a month for others to find. I wasn't aware of this and saw what I thought was a poster under a tree surrounded by trash. It was a windy day and it had apparently blown off the spot where the artist had left it and got a bit wrinkled and a little torn in the process. I followed the directions to let the artist know it was safe with me.

She felt bad that this happened to her art and happy that I rescued her and said she would bring me another that wasn't damaged. What she brought was a full reduction print to replace the artist proof! very kind and generous. I took Alice to Michael's to have her framed and she now proudly sits in our house.

The artist explained that a reduction print is where there is a "carving" for each color and as you ink/paint each layer you then cut away that part of the print and do it again with another. When you are finished there is nothing left. You can never make another print like the previous ones because the original work is destroyed in the process.

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