Saturday, January 17, 2015

Still Catcing Up

So, my Aunt Hellen and her husband Les flew in from Oregon to spend the holidays with family. Yea! We picked them up at the airport, had a nice dinner, and then said goodbye because they drove up north a bit to spend time with aunt Mary & Uncle Larry.

When they returned on the weekend we all went to dinner at a Japanese steakhouse to celebrate both mom & Les's birthdays.


The next day I took Hellen & Les to temple.

The next weekend was my birthday and I choose Polish food, Yum yum. (had to borrow a photo online, mine did not turn out). We enjoyed all the items in this photo though (perogis, cabbage rolls, kielbasa).

The next day was my actual birthday and I had some tickets for the ballet (Moscow Ballet Nutcracker) and I invited Aunt Hellen to go with me. It was fabulous and quite different than the version Jerry and I saw last year.

Oh my! I skipped over Christmas Next time.

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