Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cousin Reunion 2015, Peotone Illinois

We are in windy Illinois!

Most of my dad's siblings relocated to the Chicago area as young adults, instead of staying in Arkansas and farming, so as a result most of my cousins live in the farmland south of Chicago. A few of them worked hard and put together a really nice reunion. We flew from Florida, some drove from Arkansas, and many came who lived locally. We had tons of food and lively conversations.


My first cousins attending the reunion. Mernie in the front, Bob, Betty, Diane, Linda, Bobbi, and Patsy in the second row. Donnie & me in the back. Forgive us, the windy was blowing mightily.

It was my first cousin once removed Amy's birthday - she's not 64.

Cousin Bobbi with husband Bob and grand daughter Kaylee.

First cousin once removed Brad with wife Selena and sons Noah and Monty.

Cousin Donnie's family - son Andrew and his wife Teresa and her granddaughter, wife Joan, daughter Donna Jo, and grandson Austin.

First cousin once removed Dana with her husband David and son Max and Aunt Mildred. While all my dads siblings are gone, my mom and my mother are the only remaining in laws.

First cousin once removed Heather's family with husband Chuck, son Jonas, daughters Chloe & Tessa

First cousin once removed Mindy, husband Scott, and son Nicolas

Amy & husband Ed

"New" cousins Chloe & Star

I found a quilt barn nearby by - the Rolling Star. 


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