Sunday, January 3, 2016

Christmas/Birthday with Erica and Sarah

My cousin Erica and her daughter Sarah came over this week to bring us Christmas and my birthday goodies. I had a little something for them as well and it included a gift basket that I made for Sarah. I've never made a gift basket for Christmas before but I believe it turned out well.

The gift basket included two little boxes, one with jewelry and one with an ornament with her name on it, a big jar of jelly bellies, and a wax warmer with two money tarts. Sarah left here believing that her jar of Jelly Bellies contains some of the gross ones from the Bean Boozled line, lol. We plugged in her warmer while she was here and melted her tart - she got $6!


Sarah and Erica brought over these fabulous chocolates and macaroons from William Dean - a local gourmet chocolatier where everything is made by hand. Aren't the chocolates beautiful? Apparently they were featured in two of the Hunger Game films. The couple I have tried are as delicious as they are beautiful.

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