Saturday, January 2, 2016

More Arkansas Christmas

 My Aunt Joyce and Uncle Bob's Christmas tree. It was a warm Christmas.

Their festive fireplace.

Aunt Joyce with her great granddaughter Dallas

Santa left us a baby with batteries included!

I didn't take a lot of photos while in Arkansas but here's a recap of what we did and who we saw.

We took a quick car ride to Memphis because my aunt and uncle do their shopping on Christmas Eve. I say short because the store was closed by the time we got there. But, the store was near Graceland so I got to see the huge manager scene on the lawn of Graceland.

I cooked a Christmas Eve dinner of prime rib, scalloped potatoes, and some really sweet corn on the cob. I just love Arkansas produce and I live in Florida! After dinner we discovered we were almost out of milk so at 7:45 we were searching stores in West Memphis trying to find something open where we could buy milk. Finally ended up finding a Walgreens and it was so busy that people were triple parked! They were leaving the store with carts full of product - I guess shopping at the last minute is a West Memphis area kind of thing.

The next morning I made breakfast of two quiches and a fruit salad. Mom slept late and we were all kinda lazy drinking coffee and watching Christmas movies so it was almost noon before we opened presents.

Midafternoon my cousins Vickie (aunt Joyce and uncle Bob's daughter) came over with her son, daughter in law, and granddaughter. They had prepared much of Christmas dinner at their house but finished cooking at my Aunt's. She smoked a fresh ham and it was delicious. After dinner there was napping and visiting.

Pretty low key and non stressful.

The day after Christmas Jerry, me, and my aunt and uncle took a drive to Lawrence County to the family cemetery so I could visit my dad and my Manning family. My mom got terrible news that a longtime family friend has a terminal illness so it was a somber drive home.

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