Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Garden Finds

Quick look at what is blooming in my habitat :)
The zig zag cactus (above) and close up of its blooms (below). This is really exciting because it is only the 2nd time it has bloomed. If I recall the flowers are BIG.

Two new dendrobian blooms. Violet (above) and green (below).
The all-white Phalanopsis some call the moth orchid - you can see why. I have several blooming but this plain white one is stunning in it's simplicity.

This one is sometimes called the upside down orchid. Anyone who has grown orchids more than month should be able to detemrine why :)

Bouganvilla gone wild - gotta do something about that. I just noticed it is over the fence and taking over my neighbors yard and window, eek!

1 comment:

Julie said...

That shot of your violet dendrobian is amazingly beautiful! I should have my new zigzag cactus next week...can't wait!

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