Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"Sewing" Room

As a quilter/sewer, I am always curious about other people's sewing table, space, or if they are really lucky, room. Thought I would share 2 photos of mine. Some people call this room a "kitchen" and I guess they even cook and prepare food in it. Ours is mainly used as a coffee shop and sewing 1/2 room :)

I chose this space because of the natural light. To my left is a sliding glass door onto the screen porch. There is a large window in front of my sewing table and to the right is the exit door and it's mostly glass. All this makes for a lot of light and perhaps a little heat. Luckily there is a ceiling fan centered right over the area. I suppose this area was designed as the eating area for the kitchen but since we have a dining room and a screen porch with table and chairs, found no need for 3 eating areas. The observant blogger will notice a birdhouse under construction ;)

This is what drives hubby crazy. I have been replacing the food in the pantry with my fabric stash. We don't cook anyway and most of what you see is old. We basically rotate food out of the hurricane prepardness/emergency tote and it needs to go somewhere until the next food drive. don't worry, we don't donate expired food - we just buys things for the emergency kit that we don't normally eat (like SPAM, yucky).

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