Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fair Warning! Gross Photo Below

I am posting photos to show what my new foster dog Jake has had to endure - terrible dental health. His breath was so bad that when I picked him up in the car I had to crack the windows even though he was riding in the back seat. He also came with his underside completely broken out and a respitory infection likely due to his teeth or possibly an allergy (bad food?)

The first photo is from Monday when I got him. The last photo was taken a little while ago after his dental procedure today. A very nice rescue-friendly dentist did the work for only $250 after my dentist quoted $600 - $900. I only have one photo of new smile because I didn't want to touch his mouth much - he has stitches and lost 8 teeth.

Now that you have made it past the ugly photo, here is the reward........

Aren't they pretty? And his breath is neutral. He's sleeping by me having been under anesthesia today.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Paws Crossed for Jake

My foster dog Jake is going in tomorrow for dental work. On a scale of 1 to 4 with 4 being the worse, his teeth are a 4. He is expected to loose many of them. They have to put him out and his system is already compromised by the infection.

He woke me up at 3am with what seemed like trouble breathing and he scared me. He has a sinus infection and possibly some kennel cough. The vet said one nostril was not "breathing" at all and the other not at full force. He was breathing partially through his mouth. Likely this sinus infection is related to the bad teeth.

Thank you to the rescue friendly vet who is giving us a huge break on the fee.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me

Today I turned some version of 29 :)

My mom, mother-in-law, hubby & me at Tio Pepe's Spanish restaurant.

I had to photo mom's stuffed shrimp because they were the most unusual presentation I've ever seen. Two large butterflied shrimp with little shrimp and crab meat between them and then battered and fried. Served with some sort of white fish sauce that mom said was super yummy.

The waiters brought me this flan and sang happy birthday.

Back at the house my mom had bought me a cake - chocolate cake with chocolate pudding between the layers and whipped cream frosting. Humm....I forgot all about that cake in the fridge :)


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day Photos

A pictorial of our day with little text.........................

Cousin Sonya, Cousin Sarah, and my Daisey with her new pink Wubba.

The whole gang opening gifts.

My mom

Mom, Sarah, Sonya (obscured) Cousin Erica with Daisey on lap, and Marge

Daisey sure liked Sonya

The unwrapping mess!

Sonya & I assembled Sarah's tent for her in my living room, LOL

Cousin Lea and my mom

Eddie finally found Sonya's lap. He is usually all over Erica because she is the one who lives nearby and he is most familiar with her.

All Jerry's Christmas photos for years has included the garbage bag. He likes to put the wrapping paper on there just as it is pulled off the present.

Daisey with her prinme rib bone

Eddie is excited because his still has lots of meat on it.

Eddie not sure how to open this one and save the bow, LOL

Me likey!

Oh yea!

Thank you Santa Paws - I needed a new Wubba because Roxy ate my last one.

I don't care if it is an after Halloween toy clearance, I LOVE this new toy and am going to carry it with me where I go!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Farewell Sweet Roxy

Roxy and her new daddy and grandpop. She liked him right away. And, he brought me flowers. How charming!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Packing Up Roxy's Belongs

Tonight is Foxy Roxy's last night with us. She came to us in October sick with heartworms. She is leaving us happy, healthy, and a member of our family. Tomorrow her new family will pick her up and drive her to Virginia. With her will go a little piece of my heart.

It was chilly here (in the 50's) and I put their polar fleece jammies on for a photo op. Then I got the bright idea that Foxy's new sister (the family is adopting two rat terriers) needs a pair too so I set to work sewing. (Daisey on left, Eddie in middle, and Roxy on right)

Here's Roxy modeling the "extra' PJs that will go with her for her new sister. She is sniffing her bag. I have her all packed up. It would have been a sad process but I was distracted trying to find her toys, LOL.

Today she has been my velcro dog and snuggling with me (is doing so right now) almost as though she knows our time together is short.

I she a cutie pie or what? She often has sad eyes - I wish I could look into them and see her life before she came to us. She must have been loved by somebody because she is so sweet and affectionate.

Here is the gang all dressed in matching attire for a holiday party held Friday night (online). Just silly, fun dog stuff.

Close up of Miss Foxy Roxy in her spaghetti strap dress. I bought that fabric at the Coast Guard exchange in Kodiak probably about 10 years ago.

Even after making two dog dresses and one doggie bow tie, I still have plenty left as it was several yards. It has a little metallic to it to give it that holiday feel.

My handsome Ed. I need to learn to use the camera to where there is no unwanted green, blue or red eye.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mom's Birthday

Today is Mom's birthday and we went to Kobe's Japanese Steakhouse for teppenyaki cooking (mom, me, hubby jerry, and m-i-l marge) and then back to our house with cousins Lea, Erica, & Sarah for German chocolate cake. Mom came over early to do her laundry and ended up sitting with the dogs as I went shopping (yup, still have a little to do but mostly for Christmas dinner) then we listened to opera from the Met on NPR. All in all, a very nice day.

Dinner started and moved along so quickly I almost forgot to take photos. Seriously, we had appetizers about 5 minutes after sitting down. Grilled teppenyaki style cooking is so tasty and feels so "clean:. Plus, it's entertaining - the cooks get to play with the food!

Me and mom. She was twenty two when I was born. The reason we don't have big smiles is because the flash didn't want to work and this pose was a retake or two :)

My honey, the photographer.

Of course when it is your birthday you get ratted out by your family and friends so the restaurant workers can make a fool of you with a paper hat and a song in Japanese that, for as much as we would know, could be singing "this person wears a watermelon bikini". {smirk}

Nah, I'm sure the song was Happy Birthday or something similar. They brought her a cupcake and banged the drums and made a big deal.

Opening of the gifts. Luckily the tissue paper didn't meet the flame on the candle.

I was so into everything else I almost forgot the gift I had stashed in the chair under the table.

We gave her a digital camera. Hopefully she will learn to use it and take better photos than me. Actually, she can probably do that without even reading the instructions!

Back at home - cousin Lea and cousin Sarah with my foster dog Foxy Roxy. Sarah is trying to avoid the fastest tongue in the east.

Looks like Sarah failed and Roxy planted a wet one on her. We dressed the dogs up for Sarah's benefit.

Lousy photo but it was the only one I got with cousin Erica in it because she wasn't feeling well. Plans are to go over to her house to set up her Christmas tree tomorrow, December 29th ;)

Eddie & Roxy playing tug with the toy I made them from leftover polar fleece. I've had to repair and restuff that thing. I thought if I made it big they wouldn't rip it up. Silly me.

Seems everytime I put her Little Miss Merry Christmas on Daisey she gets in a bad mood. she had leftover hibatchi chicken and fried rice but I guess she was upset she didn't get cake. h well, my birthday is in 9 days so maybe she will get lucky then.............

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