Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm In Arkansas Again

....attending another funeral.

This time it is my sister-in-law. We graduated from high school together about 3 or 4 years ago ;)

I've been to Arkansas in January, February, and March. Worried they are going to start charging me income tax!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Disapppointed, Shocked, & Disturbed

Someone I used to work with was arrested on Monday for child pornography. Trying to remember the "innocent until proven guilty" mantra and wondering what happened to this person. I know that everyone on the news reports alway say he was a devoted family man but this guy really was - at least on the outside.

This has clogged my mind for 24 hours now. Someone I knew and trusted could "possibly" have helped perpetuate sexual exploitation agaisnt children. I always thought it was strangers who did this. Not someone whose company you enjoyed and laughed with.

Kinda reminds me of my previous job where the Director embezzeled money. Totally broke the public trust, almost put a small non-profit out of business, and generally betrayed everyone involved with that entity. Both people have left coworkers stunned, confused, and disgusted.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Bunch Of Daisies

My friend Jan made this fabulous graphic of a bunch of my Daisies. Thank you Jan!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Dentist Day

Ugh........going to the dentist today for the other half of a root canal they couldn't finish last Monday because the nerve would not deaden. After 4 shots I got the shakes from all the eppy so my shivering wasn't helping either. Today I take a Diazepam an hour before procedure. Wish me luck, I just want this over with! (with a terrific outcome of course :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jake Will Be Going To His FURever Home Soon!

After a few applications Jake finally has an approval! Once the contract is signed and the fee paid he will be traveling to his new home in Jacksonville, FL. CongRATulations Jakey Boy! We will miss him terribly. I so wish his Missy could have been adopted along with him but I guess the important thing is that they both find good homes (she is not yet adoptable due to a skin issue).

Daisey was quite annoyed witht he boys this morning. She wanted to sleep in (with her mama in the bed) but the boys were wide awake, active, and hunry for their breakfast. You can see her bad mood inthis photo where they are barking at the window behind her.

Got them to quiet down for a couple minutes with a new Kong brand toy. I bought this one last week. It has a squeaky ball on one end, an animal head on the other, and a bungie in the middle. Jake likes it and he doesn't like all toys - that's one picky rat terrier. Eddie, on the other hand, believes ALL toys belong to him.

Jake is so hard to photo. He turns his head at the last second, bulges his eyes, or stands his ears straight up. He usually looks like he has just seen a scary movie scene. Add to all that the world's worst photographer ;)

The boys watching the activity in the neighborhood. Foxy Roxy, our last foster, bit the blinds and Eddie has fallen into them a few times so they are a mess. I want to replace that window with one where the blinds are on the inside. Good idea?

Even little Miss Daisey couldn't stay upset for too long. A rat terrier has got to do what a rat terrier was bred to do - be ont he lookout for possible vermin.

Finally got a shot of them playing with the new toy. It's a total set up of course because Eddie can rip that away in seconds. The first shot Jake dropped it when he heard my camera open. Then Eddie pulled him across the room (the ottomon is on rollers) as I tried to take a second shot. But as they say, third time is a charm :)

Eddie finally ran off with the other toy. Jake is enjoying playing alone with an unstuffed Christmas toy from Aunt Michelle.

Finally! A good shot - except for the green eyes of course.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Green Thumb Sunday, sorta

Attempted to do a couple garden things today but so far they are a bust. One was to plant one of those topsy turvey strawberry planters but we only had 6 plants and the thing has 15 LARGE holes so there is no leaving them open. Finally am taking down the one my Dad had me plant - Jerry actually busted it open with the end of the pool basket thingy used to pick up leaves. I put that same thing through the screen proch before. Ouch.

I will get back on a regular watering schedule for orchids, I will, I will but it is depressing after all I lost to the cold weather and bad watering habits. The closest thing to real gardening today was to put out a new lawn ornament I got for Christmas from Cousin Erica (not sure it is in the right place, may move it again) and to repair and update my St. Patrick's wreaths which I really don't like.

I added a few things to them this year. Not sure I like them any better but I am thinking perhaps next year I'll add some flowers or something and they will get to where I like them. They just look messy and disorganized and kinda tacky to me. Last year they were sparse and tacky so I guess it is an improvement. LOL

Maybe I don't like these because I like my Mardi Gras ones so much and missed them this year. I better go look in the garage and make sure that they don't have boxes sitting on them and ruining them like these St. Pat wreaths did. Took a lot of repair this year.

Flamingo had to get in onthe act too! My little front-door sentry is donning a bandana of the season!

Friday, March 5, 2010

I Stand Corrected....Well, Sort Of

I was informed by another blogger (see comments on previous post) that the photos I saw were NOT made by WalMart security cameras but rather taken at WalMart by other people who were at a WalMart store using their own cell phones, etc. She even had a name for them....peopleofwalmart.com Apparently the e-mail I received lifted a few of these photos.

So, I visited the site and confirmed these are the same type of photos in my e-mail. While I stand corrected on their source, I still think it is wrong to maintain a web site of photos meant to judge and make fun of people over their appearance. I am a firm believer of personal expression whch includes clothing and hair styles, facial adornments, etc. Yes, many of these people are dressed outside of the "norm" and I wouldn't be caught dead (as they say) looking like that but it still doesn't feel right for
a web site to collect unflattering photos and for people to visit it for entertainment.

Makes me wonder if it is "safe" to go out in public when everyone is armed with a camera phone!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I''m Really Bothered By Something

So I am going to mount my soapbox and deliver my sermon. Fair warning.

I came to have a "joke" e-mail in my box. The first one I kinda laughed because it was a photo where someone is in a position where their pants are exposing their underware. I think it's fair to say that many of us have worried about coverage at one time or another. As I looked through them I began to see a pattern of overweight or cross-dressing people.

While making fun of peoplke is bad enough, it turned out these photos are all from WalMart security shots! That really burned me. Totally unacceptable and unprofessional for customer photos to end up as a joke - people laughing at them. To be an unwitting butt of a joke just because you shopped somewhere (supported them and gave them their money) is a travesty.

What next? I (or you) adjust my/your underware while alone in an aisle and end up being replayed and laughed at over and over on YouTube without my knowledge? I believe each of the people whose photos were shared deserved a big, fat check as an apology (hit em where it hurts). Better yet, I won't be stepping foot in there ever again because I don't want to risk becoming sombody's fool.

Exiting soapbox.

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