Monday, January 30, 2012

Angraecum sesquipedale & Paper Whites

Even though it's winter and cold and snowy in many parts of the country, it is fun to have a couple winter bloomers around the house. My Angraecum sesquipedale (front, left) seems to bloom a little later each year. I remember a Christmas bloom the first year and a New Year's bloom another. With the treatment they got this year, I am lucky it is blooming at all. Bad gardener.

The paper whites (right, behind) are from one of those gift box things that I received for Christmas. It came with the pot, the bulbs, and this flat disk of potting medium that when you soak it in water, it becomes huge! Basically it fills the pot. We had a bit of a cold snap about 3 weeks ago so I planted the bulbs and put the whole thing in the garage hoping for some "chill" to get the bulbs started. It worked! They are so tall now and buds are forming so I thought it was time to bring them in - don't want to miss a bloom.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bathroom Remodel

We are at it again. It was only December 2010 when we remodeled our master bathroom due to a water damaged rotted shower wall. Initially we were just did the shower but then the bathroom looked odd - half old, half new. So, since we had a high flow toilet and the large vanity only had one sink, we went ahead and replaced those and the flooring. This year is similar story but in the guest bathroom - some water & termite damage around this stained glass window, rotten vanity that was falling apart, and high flow toilet.

You can see the tile surrounding the tub/shower has been removed as well as the tile flooring (some of those were loose too) the toilet, and the rotten vanity. This was early demolition. I didn't get any tub out photos.

New tub in (Jerry's Christmas present was a jetted tub) and the first day of tiling the tub/shower area. The tiles are travertine. We used that in the other bathroom and were very happy with it. The board is where the trim tiles will go - they are slate.

The floor is ceramic tile in planks instead of squares. Mom & Jerry not fond of them but when the room is finished I believe they will like them. This is the day they were set but not grouted.

The photo above is trim tile set and floor grouted. You can also see the new tub in place - it's white, the other was being.

The vanity, below, is not actually installed yet. I just set it in place so the countertop guy could crate a template.

I cropped this photo so you could only see new stuff which gives an indication of how it will look. Still have lots of work - walls, lights, vanity & countertop, toilet, etc. but it is moving right along. Stay tuned!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

35 Years Ago Today

Thirty five years ago today I was married at age 19 (barely). The marriage lasted 8 years. I recently came into posession of the photos again and thought I would share. We may be divorced but it is still a part of my life.
I was the first person I knew to have this type of wedding invite. Everyone else's at the time were white, embossed invites. I wanted a non-tradiitonal traditional wedding.

Farrah Facett hair! Back then I didn't use any hair products, not even hairspray, and only eye makeup.
 Me and my Dad. I can tell this one was staged, not an actual down-the-aisle shot, because I have on my wedding band. It's easy to spot that jade band (another non-traditional tradition).
And finally, the bride and groom with a peak of my Aunt Mary. I designed that bouquet and it was the first time the florist ever made a cascading bouquet or used ivy. She had a hard time keeping the long strands from falling out. The florist was used to making those traditional round bouquets.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Our Silver Anniversary

This photo was taken 25 years ago today at the Cocoa Palms hotel in Kauai. W0w - 25 years.....time really does fly when you are having fun.

We lived in Chugiak Alaska at the time, then moved to the Native village of Aniak for a couple years, then Kodiak for 11 years. In 2001 we moved to Florida where we now reside. We went from working for retailers in Alaska to both becoming government workers (with a couple jobs in between). We still have furry critters in our house, some things never change, and still have on-going house projects.

We are planning a vacation to New Orleans next month - couldn't rely on Jerry's schedule this time of year because there was a good chance he would have an inventory in the middle of our anniversary vacation. So, we coiencided our trip with Mardi Gras, sorta. Should be memorable both both of us - Jerry's first time in NOLA and for me a homecoming after 40+ years.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas Photo 2011

We had Christmas brunch at our house this year. It was just us and the moms. The night before we had Christmas Eve dinner at moms. Again, just the four of us. Thought I would post a couple bettter late than never photos......I do have more interesting stuff to share now that I seem to be able to get back onto Blogspot (i.e. bathroom remodel and the mailboxes of Dunedin).

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back Online, Maybe?

I've used another computer to remove/change things on my blog hoping I will be able to access it from home now. Currently Blogspot never responds and I am left waiting and waiting and, we'll see when I get home. For now, I am using a computer in an undisclosed location ;)

Here's a photo of the trio at Christmas. I couldn't get all three in one photo so I took pics separately and through the magic of Photoshop a friend was able to create our Christmas photo. Love modern technology! (That's Daisey on the left, Eddie standing in the middle, and Woody to the back and right.)

Neighborhood Muscovy

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