Sunday, November 30, 2008

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Four Christmases

Mom & I went to the movies last night in place of dinner out. Funny, the hot dog and drink at the movie cost as much as most restaurants. Here's a tip, if you want water at the movie, drink out of the fountain because a small bottle of water is $2.75. When did this happen?

Back to the movie, I laughed outloud several times. There are many funny parts to this movie about dysfuctional family gatherings during the holidays. This is your spoiler warning because the next paragraph tells more - if you don't want to know stop reading here................

WARNING - the spolier part. OK, the story is that this couple, who are according to the movie plot very self absorbed, tell their family each Christmas that they are doing charity work (such as immunizing children in Burma) but really they are going on a nice vacation for just the two of them. Well, this one particular year San Francisco is completely fogged in and all flights are cancelled. Serendipiously, there is a news crew at the airport who happen to shine the camera on them for an interview about stranded guess it, their families saw them on the news.

Since both come from divorced parents (part of the reason they are say no marriage) they drive all around the San Francisco area visiting the four different parents. The part I don't understand is if they drove that far, why not go to another airport? It wasn't foggy at all the houses. Oh well, I guess I have to resolve that they were busted by the families.

It becomes clear that each was traumatized by their families as children and I won't spoiled the movie with all the detail but if you watch it and you think it is going to end up a bummer, don't worry. This is a light hearted movie so everything will turn out OK in the end. While funny & set during Christmas, it will not become a Christmas standard for me. I'll stick with A Christmas Story, LOL.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Key Challenged

I am having a prblem with my laptp. ne f the keys is sticking. Can yu tell which ne? LL

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas 2008 Portraits!

When I said I would do a jammie tutorial today, I forgot that today was the day for picking up the Christmas photos of the ratties. I know I am biased because they are mine, but don't they look awesome! These are scanned photos - I wishthey were digital images. Wow, did I just saythat? Not many years ago I didn't believe that digital would ever outdo print.

Daisey Mae

Eddie Ratbone

Monday, November 24, 2008

Made It Myself Monday

More photos of the doggie jammies I made yesterday. Daisey wasn't keen on modeling. Oh, and I am rewatching True Blood just n case I missed a detail. It's gotta last me till next summer, LOL! Tomorrow I'll do a tutorial on making the jammies because they are pretty easy. I have to sign off and go make a whole bunch of deviled eggs for a potluck tomorrow.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Turning Off The Computer For The Night

The finale for True Blood is about to come on. I've been waiting all day!

Domestic Goddess

Today I was a domestic goddess. Must have been the one day of the year where the sun was aligned with the moon in a 30day month ending in R and the temperature was above the dew point or something like that. LOL

I started by shopping for Thanksgiving dinner. Actually, I started by reading the paper and listening to weekend edition on NPR,but that doesn't add to my DG image. But eventually I went shopping for a turkey to cook for Thanksgiving and for eggs to make deviled eggs for a work luncheon on Tuesday. I got a great deal on a turkey too! It was $10 for a 20 pounder. I would like to take the credit for such a smart purchase but actually my mom told me about the best deal plus she gave me a coupon.

Did some laundry in our sorta new, techno washer and dryer. For about the first 6 months I was able to convince Jerry I didn't understand how to use them but now the gig it up. Ugh....

While the washer was washing and the dryer was drying, I played my flute and piccollo accompanied by several famous philharmonic orchestras. You see, I play along with clasical CDs and pretend I am in the woodwind section, LOL.

Decided to cut out a new pattern for doggie jammies. I did get a very good buy on some nice polar fleece and I didn't need my mom to find that for me. $6 a yard and nice quality too. Most of the fleece at JoAnn's had large prints that would be out of scale for my projects but these embroidered cherries were perfect.

Miss Daisey was a reluctant model. She didn't seem to like them either. I believe it was because of the back legs. I struggled getting her in them - hey, it was my first time, LOL.

Then I made a meatloaf for dinner - not my favorite but Jerr loves it and hes been working so hard lately. The light in my oven doesn't work and the kitchen is so bright with windows that I can barely read the digital controls for the oven much less see in there. I had no idea until I look at this photo that my oven needs cleaning. Oops. I might do that tonight.

These last photos are some of my Thanksgiving decorations. I just change up my fall stuff to work for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Thought I would photo them since this time next week I may be putting up a Christmas tree - if I can decide on how I want to do it this year. So many ideas.........

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Found It!

I found the thing that plugs into the thing on my digital camera and then into the USB on my laptop. I have photos again - Yippee!

It's been getting cold on and off here in Florida and I ended up getting sweaters for my fur family. Here's Eddie both modeling a sweater that looks really good on him and acting as though he is not the person responsible for the destuffing of yet another toy (notice the fiber fill on floor and sofa).

Daisey's is a velour hoodie. Jerry took it off of her and set it on the piano. Later she was pacing around the piano & looking up. I picked it up and she jumped on the chaise lounge and danced around. I came near here with it and she extended her neck and closed her eyes. She likes to get dressed - she is a material girl!

Chloe the chi looks quite cute in her $2.50 sweater from the bargain bins at Target.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Funny Friday

I can't find my cable to connect my digicam to my laptop so not post with photos today; instead, I will share a funny story relevent to Thanksgiving.

A few years ago I worked for a general merchant in Kodiak, Alaska. Groceries comprised over half our business so on Thanksgiving they gave every employee a turkey as a gift. One of the departments I managed was electronics which tended to attract young workers. After giving one such worker their turkey, she was concerned with what to do with it. I suggested she put it in her car. She expressed concern that it might thaw out/go bad in the car. I explained that even if it was not late November in Alaska, it would still not thaw out in a couple hours. I'm not sure she believed me when I told her it would takes days to thaw that turkey in her car.

I wonder what it is like to not yet know the basics of cooking. Or the responsibility of a mortgage..............if you are under 20 and reading this, enjoy your youth!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

...and Working Overtime

In case you're wondering where I have been, I've been working overtime. Between an extra hour and a half of work and commuter time, I'm a little short on blog time. Can you image an hour and a half a day yanked from your time? LOL

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Eddie's Day Out

Eddie & I started the day at the Largo dog park near our house. I decided I had enough dog park photos for a while at least. Then we went to Dunkin Donuts because I "needed" coffee and Eddie "needed" a munchkin. Next we were off to the Pet Food Warehouse in St. Pete - an amaizing store!

Eddie couldn't wait to get across the parking lot and into the store.

The store is quite large and such a large assortment of foods. All these "rare" brands that I have only heard of on internet social networking sites are here, in real life. Today I bought dehydrated raw food.

Eddie was ok until we came around a corner and met a Boston face to face. I thought it best to have a time out in the cart for a while. They had a Santa photo fundraiser going on so after Ed's photo shoot he settled down. I guess the strange man in the wierd clothing holding him took him down a notch.

So, Ed was able to resume his shopping.

Many good smells but unfortuantely, Eddie already blew is allowance so no new treats today.

Mamma still had a little allowance and picked up this!

Edward had such a full morning that he could barely keep his eyes open during the car ride home.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Nasa had a night launch of the space shuttle Endeavor tonight. I went outside to see if I could see it and heard my neighbors hooping & hollaring when I came out. I had just missed seeing it! Between the low clouds and the big oak trees, just can't just walk outside for a view, you have to find a spot.

Now I am watching/listening to the NASA channel. They have an external camera showing it live from the......they just dropped the external tank! That was cool looking. Does everyone get that channel? I find the whole idea of a space shuttle incomprehensible. Thank goodness there are smart people in the world :) If it was up to me, I'm not sure we even have automobiles yet! LOL They are replaying it now...........see ya! Vickie

Monday, November 10, 2008

Daisey's Day Out

Daisey heard there was going to be an event at her Vet's office on Satuday and insisted I take her. Thinking it was some sort of party, she wanted to wear her party dress. Turns out it was an open house but not just an average open house - it was very well organized and very educational. They did a great job!

It started with a map of the clinic which turned out to be much larger than I thought. The map guided you to different rooms, each having different issues and displays. For examples, parasites, dental, and vaccinations. We spent alot of time in the surgery room and watched the procedure pictured below:

HaHa - gotcha! You didn't really think they would let lookie-lous in a sterile surgical environment? What you are seeing is squeaky toy surgery where the vet assistant restuffs and adds a new squeaker to your old toys. She clamps the opening closed and then uses sutures to close. I thought that was a very clever demonstration.

There were raffles, prizes, refreshments, vendors, rescue groups, and more. I found the boarding areas interesting since I have left my babies there while we've been out of town. It won't be long before we are back there again because Eddie is licking his hind end and now I can see red bumps developing!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lousy Dog park

We have plenty of dog parks and dog beaches around here (in Pinellas county). Today I decided to take the ratties to one in Safety Harbor, a quaint little town. I had followed good instructions to the park but didn't find it. I found a recycling center, asked someone recycling plastic bottles, and she said she thought the dog park was the other direction. I knew I hadn't passed it so I left and went further north and looked and saw that kinda behind/beside the recycling place was a fenced area. I thought "no, that can't be it" then I barely glimpsed a man with a leash in his hand. I went back.

It starts with no designated parking area. This is sort of a circle to driving up to different recycling bins. Once you park you have to step over wire rope to get to the park area. The only opening is between recycle bins.

The two signs should have scared me off but I was determined to check it out. I've never been to a park where it is one person at a time; afterall, socializing for humans and canines is a big part of the dog park experience. And I can see why they don't want to be responsible as this park felt unsafe for me and my pup pups. It was too secluded for my taste. If anything happened there would be no one to see or hear it. There are no lights and a single gate - dog parks typically have a double gate to avoid escape.

The only bench is outside the park and I assume for the people waiting their turn. I wouldn't sit on that thing. It's warped and covered in bird poo. The better dog parks have metal benches and they are placed in both sunny & shady spots.

This is a shot toward the entry from the back end of the park. It is a big park and the rectangle shape makes it a good park for rattie runs. I was also impressed that it had very little fecal matter. Perhaps that is because no one goes there???? The poop bags were very nice quality too.

Daisey & Eddie did not share my concerns. They were interested in the new smells. Daisey actually gave a few runs and was much more comfortable leaving mamma's side than normal - perhaps that had to do with the long, narrow shape of the park.

This is the backgate of the park and appears to go into wildernes as there are no houses, road, etc. I saw where it was rigged with fencing because the gate doesn't close properly, what I didn't realize until I saw Eddie on the other side of the fence is that it wasn't suffcient.
Heck! I could escape from that! Luckily Eddie must have understood the seriousness of my voice while yelling at him to get back in the gate and he came immediately. Whew.

This is the glass recycling bin we walked past when we left. Nice, eh? I was thinking if I got just the right shot it could look like Daisey & Eddie had a party but I am too lousy of a photographer to pull that off. LOL

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