Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Eddie

My normally photogentic Eddie just wasn't having any of it last night! My camera was low on charge and once I plugged it in he was striking pose after pose.....evil rat terrier! LOL

Yes, those are still the SAME paint samples on the wall. I don't even see them anymore untilt they show up in a photo ;)

Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm Back....At Least I Believe So

I am finally back online after my "seamless" transition from seperate cable, internet, and telephone providers to a bundled package :) Nothing ever goes quite as expected. During this down time, I got new kitchen appliances! And not a minute to soon because stove wans't working and refrigerator was on last leg. These outta keep us for 20 years (I hope). Now, here are the highlights:

Look how shiny and clean! My oven won't look like that for long. We've used it to cook Turkey potpies (the ones I have a blog entry about from last Thanksgiving), a sockeye salmon, and maccaroni and cheese. Woo hoo!

The frige has several specialty drawers with the perfect climate for certain items. This is a photo of the cigar & blueberry drawer. Very handy since we consistently have these two items on hand!

The next one is the battery drawer. This one is supposed to be for Energizer batteries only. I have some old Duracels but afraid if I put them in there might be an explosion!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Green Thumb Sunday - Palm Seeds

Once again I mislaid the thingy that charges up my digital camera so I was without images all week. I took these photos in my backyard after I saw a bunchof palm tree seeds in the jacuzzi. I hadn't even noticed the beautiful seed pods hanging above until discovering them on my level - the ground. LOL. Should be some very happy squirrels soon!
Oh - click on the images to make larger so you can actually see the beautiful seeds.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Childhood Memories

My friend Julie at "A Succulent Life" had an interesting blog about her childhood doll and its origin. She still has her favorite doll and is taking very good care of it. She also has a link to another site where a blogger shares her childhood doll memories so, since I see a pattern here, I thought I would do the same. Hopefully someone reading this post will join in too!
OK, this is not an actual doll from my childhood - they are long gone. But my childhood fondness for Raggedy Ann & Andy (possibly because they were redheads too) made this handmade patriotic rag doll a must-have for me when I saw it for sale about 15 years ago. She's beautifully made in country shades of red, white, and blue. If you look closely at her right hand (on the left) you may see a piece of stick. There was a flag that broke off. I have tried numerous ways to get that thing back on but it never stays. She is also wearing a "I Like Ike" button.

While she may not be my original doll, she is sitting in my childhood rocker. I had no idea that my Dad had memorabilia from my childhood but every once in a while he drops something on me! About 4 years ago it was this rocker. It was made by the Dixie Seating Company and they are still in business today and still making this rocker. I believe it arrived around my first birthday/Christmas so that would have been December 1958. While the finish is a bit marred, the construction remains perfect.

This photo has Jerry's childhood jointed teddy bear in my rocker. That bear is in danger in our house with two rat terriers who love to destuff dog toys so we keep him way up high on top of a filing cabinet. God help him if he ever falls to the ground :(

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ratbone Quilt Block III

This is a photo of a Ratbone dog that was adoption awhile back. I believe his name was Smokey and he was in New York city.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ratbone Quilt Block II

You didn't think I would leave out my Daisey did ya? Eddie's block would be lonely without a Daisey block, LOL. I also have two photo transfers of Ratbone fosters but we'll see how much more motivation I have for sewing.

Lottery Winner!!!!!

No, not me. But, I bet I had your attention!

Forty one states, the District of columbia, and Puerto Rico have lotteries. Here in Forida we have drawings twice a week (Wednesday & Saturday nights) for the state Lotto and Powerball. In addition, there are 4 other games with seperate drawings. This leads me to my point................

1. With all these games and drawings, why don't I know of anyone who has ever one anything above the $5 level? That whole six degrees of seperation would tell me that someone in my realm should have won something.
My husband, who does play the Lotto (I don't), says your chances are almost he same whether you play or don't play. LOL

So, my question to you is.......do you know of anyone (include yourself as "a friend") who has actually won anything in a lottery? And, how did their life change if at all?
2. If these games are supposed to raise so much money for schools, how come we still pay school taxes and you hear so much about raising classroom sizes, cutting teachers & programs?

Just curious.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Ratbone Quilt Block

Here's the block I made for the Ratbone Raffle quilt this year; however, I've discovered a problem with it. I made the center image from a photo of my Eddie and skewed the colors into purples but the photo transfer smears if I touch the iron to it. These transfers are the type that you are supposed to be able to make t-shirts and other fabric things with so what the heck??? anyone out there know something about 'setting" the inks? They feel kinda rubbery.

I was cleaning out my sewing area and found my Kodiak Bear Paw Quilters badge. The design of this mini block is called "bear paw" and it was perfect for the guild to adopt for our nametags. Everyone made one in the fabric(s) of their choice and it was interesting to see the individuality of them. I chose my favorite fabric which is blueberries and salmonberries - how Kodiak is that?!?!?! I also added a little embellishment with the minis - tomato pin cushion, embrodiery floss, & rotary cutter. Fun!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Green Thumb Sunday

Today I decided to take another look at gardening in commercial venues. In an earlier post I photographed entryways. Today, I have chosen a nearby industrial park.

Love the large date palm tree. There is also a nice example of a crepe myrtle behind the palm.
A an old oak next to a parking area in this complex. See the picnic table in the background. I guess workers can come out there for lunch, smoke, etc.

The view from the table. Law requires that when building creates impervious surfaces they must also create a solution for urban runoff/stormwater. Could be a ditch in some cases but around my house it is usually a retention pond. This one is so big and mature with plants that perhaps it is a natural one.

Photos above and below are of the same area - view from the picnic table. I got close but then decided it looked a little gatorish for me alone.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July Decorations

I was a little late decorating for the 4th of July this year. In fact, I did it today ;)

Our doors may look shabby but they are always adorned with a seasonal wreath!

Jerry loves his flags :)

I saw these patriotic pinwheels at Dollar Tree. They were $1 for a package of 7. I just knew I could use them somewhere - decided to make a bouquet. Guess I should have saved it for Sunday's Green Thumb post, LOL.

Famous last word!

Neighborhood Muscovy

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