Sunday, June 26, 2011

Guess Who Got A New Camera?

Right now I am charging it up and reading up on how to use it. This is camera #4 (first oen very old-school, second one nice but fell victim to a pitcher of water, third one not operating well anymore). This one is more video oriented but is also a still camera. I'm excited to try it out so look for doggie videos ;)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Quilt "Leaks"

With the quilt piecing in progress and the quilter waiting nearby, I've been authorized to "leak" a few photos of some of the quilt blocks that were made for this very special holiday-themed quilt. Ratbone produces a quilt just about every year to raffle off as a fundraiser for ratties in need. This one is going to be so different from the others and I am excited to see the finished product.

Memorial Day block (I love this one)

Flag Day

Father's Day

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Deep Fried Green Beans

My digicam isn't woring well. That's the reason for my lack of posts. If I was posting, I would have shown you a photo of something very delicious - deep fried green beans! Kinda like onion rings only with green beans. Yummy. But then again, what isn't tummy when you cover it in a spicy batter and deep fry it ;)

I've finished a couple books lately. First was The Sister. Very well written although there is a lot of narrative about the culture of months and catepillars. I liked that it was unpredictable. The second one is As Husbands Go which is the opposite - predicted both who did and why. Plus, hard to feel much for a character who, upon the death of her Park Avenue plastic surgeon husband and unsure of her financial future, worries that she will have to wear "Vanity Fair" panties. Give me a break.

Friday, June 17, 2011

West Memphis, Arkansas

On our trip back from Arkansas we spent an afternoon and evening with my Aunt Joyce and Uncle Bob. We went to a local horse show with them and we took a drive to the levy where Aunt Joyce keeps her cows and donkey and my Cousin Vickie keeps her horses.

Aunt Joyce and Jerry at the concession stand. Uncle Bob & Vickie's son Justin were doing the cooking (hot dogs and hamburgers).

According to some horse-y friends, this kind of sign is typical at horse events.

Horse Winnebagos.

An event. I was too busy watching to take photos. I liked the barrell races.

Uncle Bob leaning on Justin's truck.

My cousin Vickie, her husband Jimmie, and son Justin had spent the whole day driving to Alabama, picking up this mare and foal, and then driving back with them. After that 9 hour trip they went to the horse show to help. Very active family.

This horse has a bit on his nose from my Aunt's new donkey. Humm....I wonder if she still has that donkey because it was not love at first sight ;)

Introducing Mohawk Donkey! lol Apparently he is mean to the cows and the horses so now he's sequestered.

Driving on the levy.

Aunt Joyce's herd. She has a bunch of cows and a couple bulls which means she has calfs each year ;)

Blondie? We met lots of horses but most of the photos weren't good. I need a new camera.

I love this photo Joyce & Bob's family room - where else would you see a computer on a roll top desk, next to a western sadle, next to a drum set?

Thank you Aunt Joyce and Uncle Bob for a nice visit. Love you!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Calico Rock, Arkansas & Nearby Historic Area

More photos from our trip to Arkansas. I've always liked this little town on the White River. Two things really stick out about this trip and our drives around the countryside; a) rock buildings, 2) cicadas.

I just have to comment how dangerous this little area is because just past the sign is almost straight down into the river. I think they need a better baracade.

I don't know if you can really see the size of this rocking chair but it is huge. I believe it is for folks to sit in and take photos. Lots of people selling aromatic cedar products.

I should have looked this up to describe what you are seeing in these photos but basically historic buildings where a president even visited to dedicate two local dams.

My Manning ancestors had a similar house in the Hoxie area of Arkansas. By similar I mean a breezeway between different parts of the house. My dad mentioned one time that it allows for natural air conditioning. I've also seen tropical areas where they build the kitchen seperate from sleeping quarters in case of fire. Whatever the reason, I chuckle to think if modern houses were made this way Jerry & I would be locking ourself out just trying to get a drink of milk at night! lol

Friday, June 10, 2011

While visiting my stepdad Vern in Arkansas, we took about an hour drive to the little town of Hardy. It's downtown is known for antiques & quaint country shops and draws a lot of visitors.
In the window of a very old building. I don't believe it is a hotel anymore but I sure enjoyed the sign :)

There were several of these BEAUTIFUL iron benches in town - I guess they are for husbands because that's where I found mine every time I came out of a store. We went in together but I always came out alone.

The sign above describes the building below. It's an art gallery now but used to be a courthouse. (You can click on photos for larger version.)

We had lunch at this restaurant in a very old building that didn't have central air and heat - window units for both. It was a hodge podge of decorations but interesting to look at while we waited for our down-home BLT & tuna stuffed tomato.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Birmingham, Alabama

We're home! I'll make several posts about our trip to Arkansas. This series of photos is from Birmingham Alabama. Previously I posted about the destruction we saw (on our way up to Arkansas) but I didn't feel comfortable taking photos. Now, it's a week later so I feel better about taking and sharing photo (presuming there are no people buried under debris).
This is where we, and many others, pulled over. It was once a gas station. It was so sunny that my photos are bleeched out but what I am trying to show is the tile floor and plumbing left behind after the building was blown away.

The damage was a somewhat narrow "band" ripped through neighborhoods on both sides of a highway. The neighborhood to one side was up on a slight hill and the other is down in a shallow gulley. It looked like a line of bombs were dropped and you should be able to enlarge to get a better view.

Wide-angle above and zoom in below of the same neighborhood.

Again, same shot with one close up and one wide angle.

Edge of the road.

It was so sunny I couldn't get a good view of what was in my view finder or I would have taken a better photo here because it says it all. HUGE rootball with tree through house. Photo looks like earth or bolder but it is the root ball of a large tree.

The gas station where I got out to take photos, or what's left of it. You can see the cover where the tanks would have been and the mangled sign.

Hopefully these photos will raise awarement of what occured in Birmingham. If anyone was considering donating to the recovery process but wasn't sure, I hope these photos will help your decision.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

On The Way Home

Left Mountain Home yesterday. Really hated leaving Vern though. Spent the night in West Memphis with Aunt Joyce & Uncle Bob (photos will follow, hopefully tomorrow) went to a horse show and went to the levy to see her herd of cattle, her horses, and a very strange donkey with a mohawk :)

Passed through Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and am bedded down for the night in Florida. Returning home tomorrow.

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