Saturday, May 31, 2008

You've Been Tagged!

A blogger friend of mine was tagged and since I read her blog, I am tagged. This means I have to post a response to her post and now, since you're reading my tagged blog, you need to do the same. LOL The Rules: Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more. Find Page 123. Find the first 5 sentences. Post the next 3 sentences. Here's mine:

"Bentwood boxes were used for food storage, stone boiling, and other common household tasks. A think plank of steam ir water-softened wood was bent at the corners to make the sides of the box; the overlapped seam was then lashed together with spruce root or baleen. The final steps were to peg the sides onto a wooden base and to make a cover."

New Footware With Dog Hair Trim

Spent $130 for this boot and that was only for one. I would have preferred to spend that on a pair of real shoes. For $130 per foot, they would be fabulous! Like something from Sex and the City. My plans are to go see that movie tonight with girlfriends :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Looking For My Forever Home

Midnight is 3 1/2 yrs old, 14 lbs, 10" tall at shoulder Rat Terrier/Chihuahua mix. She is housebroken and crate trained. She's an active girl but also likes lap time and attention. She enjoys laying in the sun and swimming. She's said to be good with older children and cats but needs a home where she is the only dog. She is being fostered in Florida.

I think Holly is beautiful! She's only 9 months old (how does a 9 month old end up in a shelter anyway?) but likely about as big as she will get. She weighs 15 pounds and is very sweet. Sounds like she came to rescue untrained so her foster mom is training her on leash walking, basic commands, crate sleeping, and housebreaking. Holly is currently a California girl :)

Ratbone has been inundated with rescue requests this week and several for senior dogs. This is particuarily disturbing when an owner has a dog for 10 or 12 years and then decides the dog is "too old" and takes them to a shelter. Or, an elderly owner dies and the kids don't want to take on the responsibility. The poor dog is accustomed to the quiet company of their owner and now they are thrust into a noisy, chaotic, cold environment. These senior dogs have very little chance of adoption - most will be euthanized because they are not what adopters are looking for. Additionally, they don't "show" well due to fear and disorientation of their new environment. Rat Terriers in general are not good in shelters as they tend to get depressed and cower in the corner instead of coming to the front of the cage, licking, and other behaviors that get the adopters attention. This weke we tried to rescue one but it was too late - the shelter did the deed before we could find an available foster home. It's sad to see a 12 year old, with another 5 years or so of life, put down simply because the owner died. This has prompted me to think about my estate planning and how to ensure my furbabies will be cared for if something happened to me/us.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Way Back Wednesday 5/28/2008

Thought I would dig back into the photo archive for this post since Jerry is mowing and the noise is keeping me from the garden. These photos are from my days as a RAINBOW GIRL . I posted these on my MySpace page and alumni from Jonesboro High School not only recognized and recalled names but also knew some of these "girls" today! by the way - I made both of the dresses I am wearing in these photos :)
This top photo would have been taken at the beginning of my sophmore year in high school. Usually these type of photos were taken at either officer instillations or new member intitiations - I don't recall for sure. I am second from the left on top row and wearing yellow because that is the station I held at the time. The yellow represents nature.

In this photo I am second from right on middle row; however, there is a flaw in the photo and it is on me (LOL) so I look funny. I am wearing green because I held the position representing immortality. This photo wa staken at the beginning of my junior year in high school. Vickie

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"Sewing" Room

As a quilter/sewer, I am always curious about other people's sewing table, space, or if they are really lucky, room. Thought I would share 2 photos of mine. Some people call this room a "kitchen" and I guess they even cook and prepare food in it. Ours is mainly used as a coffee shop and sewing 1/2 room :)

I chose this space because of the natural light. To my left is a sliding glass door onto the screen porch. There is a large window in front of my sewing table and to the right is the exit door and it's mostly glass. All this makes for a lot of light and perhaps a little heat. Luckily there is a ceiling fan centered right over the area. I suppose this area was designed as the eating area for the kitchen but since we have a dining room and a screen porch with table and chairs, found no need for 3 eating areas. The observant blogger will notice a birdhouse under construction ;)

This is what drives hubby crazy. I have been replacing the food in the pantry with my fabric stash. We don't cook anyway and most of what you see is old. We basically rotate food out of the hurricane prepardness/emergency tote and it needs to go somewhere until the next food drive. don't worry, we don't donate expired food - we just buys things for the emergency kit that we don't normally eat (like SPAM, yucky).

Monday, May 26, 2008

Birds of a Feather

My old quilt guild in Kodiak had a tradition for members who were leaving the island. That member got to pick out a block and everyone in the guild was asked to make one to give to the person leaving so they could make a memory quilt. When I left I selected five different paper-pieced birdhouse patterns so members could chose the one most appealing to them. It took a couple years for my blocks to make it from Alaska to Florida, so I was very excited to see them and to read the names where members had signed their blocks. I'm attaching photos so you can see just how creative and beautiful they are! Why I am bringing this up now? Because I am finished with school, sorry no Master's degree here, and I am finally going to do something with them. I received 18 blocks so I think I will make a few more (in fact, i've already started on one :) I'll post updates as I make more blocks. In the mean time, enjoy little snippits about my quilting friends!

Look at the fun colors of the house on the upper left. It is unsigned so I do not know who to brag on. The upper right block is one of the two blocks made by Vicki. Thank you so much for thinking of me and making such nice blocks for my memory quilt. Peg made the block on the lower left. Peg is such a a sweet person - I owe her many thanks for many things. I am not sure who made the remaining block (bottom right) because it is unsigned but I do know it was made by a creative person. Just look at the topical color selection! Plus, she titled it "the loud neighbors down the road". I think she had Florida in mind when constructing this one.

Only one quilter chose this style so I am going to make more of this one. Thank you, June, for the block. It's made from fun Debbie Mumm fabrics which I love. June is a meticulous craftsperson and I miss hearing her stories about spending peaceful summers at fish camp.

Kate used some homespuns and some fabrics that I love and own myself in the block on the top left. Kate's a gardener and every year helped me with my hanging baskets. She has such a gentle voice and nature. The top right was made by Tempe, a journeyman quilter. I totally expected a block from Tempe to have red in it because it is a beautiful color that she uses often. Tempe gave so much of her time and herself to the guild - she's an inspiraton. The bottom left block was made by Amanda - the youngest person in the guild at the time. This block is so well executed that I am sure she is an accomplished quilter now. The block on the bottom right is unsigned but so fun with the cheeries and the bees!

The block on the upper left is unsigned. Too bad too because I would like to tell that person thank you fro the beautiful fabrics she selected. The photo doesn't do it justice. The upper right block was made by Sandy. It has a special little greeting written on it too! Sandy used her favorite color (yellow) to make this beautiful block. Sandy is the person who taught me how to drive a stick shift it that gives you any ideas of her patience level! The bottom left block is unsigned but I have to say that I LOVE the feather fabric - how appropriate! The bottom right block is from Rae Jean. She used some very nice fabrics from her stash. I followed Rae Jean as guild president and have fond memories of her sense of humor and pink flamingos.

I am sorry, I have no idea why some of my writing is in hyperlink but I shall go on. I was able to fix some of it. The top block is another made from Debbie Mumm fabrics which I purchased/used alot when I lived in Kodiak. Vicki made a beautiful block. The bottom left block has a very Alaska theme made by Diane. Diane was generous and shared her baby with the guild - let everyone get their mommy fix without actually having a baby, LOL. The block on the bottom right was made by Gail who was a long-distance member after having moved from Kodiak a year or two earlier. The guild sure missed her.

The next two are my favorite pattern - the log cabin birdhouse. They were made by two very good friends and both excellent artisans. The one on the left was made by my buddy Jenny (I call her buddy even though she plotted to off my chihuahua) and the one on the right by my friend Martha who has also left the island. I loved visiting Martha's sewing room. I've shared many a lunch with these two ladies.

Happy Memorial Day

I know I should be doing something to honor the holiday but honestly I am just enjoying three days off ;)

Well lookey here - I finally did something this afternoon so I have updated this earlier post. I went to the orchid guy to buy a little something for the person promoted to my old job. While I was there I picked up these two beauties. One is a red vanda, which I never knew exissted, the other is Howeara Lava burst ‘Puanani’ and it is tiny and the photo is lousy (gee, guess who took it?)


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday

I'm starting with updates from last week's Garden Blog where I photoed orchid bloom spikes. As you will see, some are all-out blooms now and some are still working on it :) Be sure to scroll all the way through to see photos of new plants that were not part of the bloom progression series. Oh, and you can click on the images to enlarge, of course.

Encyclia tampensis - the 13 spikes now have swollen buds. Maybe another week?

It was another white phal! I mixed 4 or 5 plants into two baskets and it appears both phal basket have a part of this one white phal with the pink center. So the two pink/purples and the three whites have bloomed. That leaves a light yellow with pink veins that I have yet to see since repotting about this time last year.

Notylia barkeri

I believe they call this type of dendrobian a nobel because it blooms right on the cane after the leaves fall off. Notice the buds are getting bigger and there are sure lots more of them. Stay tuned for the actual bloom - it's unusual.

The hot pink is just starting to show. I may have to photo mid-week to catch it in it's glory.

The Psychopsis is slow but dependable. It's been reblooming on that same spike for two years now, I believe.

The glorious Cattleya. I used flash so photo looks hot pink when actually it is a dark purple.

This was open last week and since it is still showing off, thought I would include it. This Dendrobian looks pink in photo but actually is a maroonish brown.

And look what i found today that I missed last week! The above photo is a close of this Cat, which has two blooms on one spike, and the photo below you can see two more buds on another spike. This fellow was hidden away on the back of my dendrobian stand and almost went unnoticed in the sea of green leaves and grey canes.

Finally, two photos of my garden gate. I have two competing vines because Conan the landscaper destroyed the bleeding heart so i replanted with a red passion flower. Then hubby destroyed that while removing foliage to power wash north side of house. Now they are both back and competing to be the garden gate vine. I am trying to train the passion flower to cross over on a chicken wire arch i rigged up because the bleeding heart doesn't run as far as the passion and certainly doesn't cling as well.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sometimes I Think It's Raining Ratties!

Sometimes it seems as though it rains ratties in the summer. These four were rescued by Ratbone recently and now appear on the webpage.

Holly Golightly is a happy, friendly, and gorgeous girl. About 1 yr old and 16 lbs, rides well in a car and walks good on a leash. She would love to live with a family where she would have another canine companion. She's a hunter so no cats.

Tiny 7 lb girl named for her short legs - Lucy Low Rider! Lucky was rescued from a puppymill life having spent the first 3 years having puppies. Won't you help Lucy find a normal family life?
Minnie Mouse is a 5 year old, 15 lbs girl. She is unique in that she is a "blue" rattie (blues are actually grey). She is good with other dogs and loves people. Travels well and housebroken. Rarely barks, is good with nail trimming and baths. She's also a fast learner.

Sienna is an exceptionally sweet girl. She's about 2 years old and a slender 13 pounds. Walks well on leash, is friendly to people, and loves to play although she is a mellow dog.

Changes at Work

I borrowed these images from the City's web site to show off where I work :) The City has a huge photo gallery if you are interested in seeing more of beautiful St. Petersburg. (click on images for larger view)

This is image of the north side of Central avenue coming from my building. I believe Centrla Ave is almost solely responsible for the sustinence of the government worker as witnessed by the number of eateries you see in this photo.

This is a skyline view of the downdown area. Notice the tall black building. I work across the street. Mostly what you see of my building is the parking garage, looks kinda yellow. It is to the right of the black building and about half the height.

This is the St. Petersburg pier. Shops, restaurants, events, boats, etc. There is even a floating wedding chapel!

This is Baywalk. shops, restaurants, movies, and art. Baywalk and the surrounding area is very walkable and browsable 9is that a word?).

I'm up wide awake at 3am so thought I would write a boring blog about work. Perhaps it will put me back to sleep! LOL

Worked very late tonight moving to a different workstation. Starting Tuesday (Monday is a holiday) I will be assuming a new position. No applause, it's a lateral move. But, that's OK - it gves me an opportunity to learn something new and important to the organization.

Tonight we had to do the desk switches which also involves phone extensions and computer changes. I moved from being a customer Service Supervisor in the call center to being a Customer Service Sueprvisor in the adjustments section (commonly referred to as the Billing Supervisor). The Administrative Secretary moved into my old position and a customer Service Representative moved into hers. But, the desk swapping didn't stop there. The CSR came from a different floor meaning we added one body to our floor (same department).

So to make room for the person who previously held my new position, we started by moving a person who spends most of his day in the field into the conference room that is set up like an office (actually it was my office at one time, LOL). This meant we could move another CSR into his space which worked out well because one function she does requires a bit more space. With her space freed up we were able to move another CSR who sits a bit far away from the rest of the call center into the other CSRs space and bring her closer to the pack. Her space was then occupied by the person who was sitting where the person I am replacing is going.

Got all that? Tp add to it, some phone extension were moved and some stayed the same and only the names were changed in the directory. Plus, Tuesday some computers will be moved - some will stay. I had to draw myself a schematic to keep up with it all!

See, told you it was boring,

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More Rat Terriers In Need Of Homes

You can read more about all these dogs on Ratbone Rescues web page or
Ellie Mulan is being fostered in Kirkland, Washington. She is sweet and cuddly and probably a year and a half to two years old. She enjoys the out of doors, has received some training (knows basic commands), and tries to dominate her much-bigger foster brother meaning she might prefer to be an only dog.

Lola is living in Pleasant Prarie, Wisconsin while in foster care. She is sweet, gentle, and only 9 months old. She has puppy energy and loves the kids and other dogs in her foster home. She's still working on perfecting housebreaking and enjoys a good nap.

Albany, New York is home for Maxwell Smart as he waits for a forever home. He's a loveable 2 - 3 year old. He's housebroken but has a high prey drive and issues with door darting so, for these reasons, he would not be a good choice for small children.

Nena is being fostered in Georgia where she gets along very well with her foster family. She's crate trained and housebroken but shouldn't be placed in a house with a cat. She walks well on a leash and loves belly rubs.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Block for Ratbone Rescues Raffle Quilt

The rescue group I volunteer for (Ratbone Rescues) has a quilt raffle fund raiser once a year. I've always wanted to donate a block but was just too busy with school. This year I finally did it! It was a stretch too because I normally don't do applique and I've never turned a photo into a quilt block. Most of the blocks are done this way so I wanted mine to fit in. They are assembling the quilt on May 30th in Indiana so I gotta get this off in the mail right away. (by the way - if anyone is interested in making and donating a block right quick, or for next year, the block size must be 13"sq and must be of a rat terrier. You can find plenty of photos at or if you are looking for models :) The blocks will end up 12" squares when finished but the assembler wants that extra inch for squaring up).

My model was my beautiful Daisey. I used a photo from last Christmas. I didn't do her justice but hey, it was my first time doing this type of block. Vickie

Green Thumb Sunday

Instead of photo-ing the plants that are blooming, I thought I would show you photos of what is about to bloom! This time next week these plants will look quite different. As always, click for larger images. Here goes:

Actually this one is just starting to open some of the bloom spikes - big difference from yesterday when I peeked at it.

This one is a Native plant named after the city of Tampa. It is quite fragrant.

My psyclops starting to bloom AGAIN

A hanging cattleya in the wooden slatted boxes often used for vanda

This is a dendrobian that looses its leaves and then blooms directly on the canes. How wierd is that?

Looking like another white phal but I believe it should be a yellow one - guess i will know by this time next week!

This beautiful plant will be HOT pink this time next week. Sorry for not giving names of plants. I am in hurry because I need to do a quilt block for Ratbone but I promise to include the names when I repost when everything is in bloom :) Vickie

Neighborhood Muscovy

Broke Wing So, back in March a mama Muscovy showed up with 14 ducklings in the pond across the street. These ponds are retention pond...