Sunday, August 31, 2008

No Sunday Garden Cuz of Gustav

No outdoor activities today, We are getting high winds and rain from the outer bands of Gustav. Mom and I went to Target and then to the movies but we weren't interested in anything playing so we went to lunch at Arby's and then ordered a movie on demand through Brighthouse. We watch Juno - witty film. We both enjoyed it. Jerr had to work.

While we were watching the movie I baked some cupcakes for little Sarah's 3rd birthday - red velvet. Her birthday has passed but she was away so they were to come over today but now they will come tomorrow morning. I will be so glad to get rid of that Barbie guitar because it goes off randomly and scares the heck out of me and the dogs :)

At the pet boutique where I got the tough toy from yesterday's post, I also found a marked down christmas dress for Miss Daisey. She looks so cute in it but you will have to wait until December 1 to see her! There is even a matching leash.
Target has really nice pet halloween costumes for only $9.99 but better hurry - this information is quickly passing around the social networking groups I belong to. They will be sold out in no time. These are nice quality, full body costumes. Perhaps a little heavy/warm for Florida but I will only be taking them for a spin around the block probably. I got Daisey a bumblebee and Eddie a rooster costume. His rooster photo didn't show well because it's mostly white. Will have to photo with him it to get the full effect.


Here's a funny photo of a recent politico from back in her college days. Surely I don't have to tell you who it is. Hint - she's running for VP. Don't worry, I am not Republican bashing. If I saw something funny from the youth of any of the candidates I would post it - makes 'em seem more human. Anyway my point is, that EVERYTHING one has ever done, even in youth, can come back to haunt you when you put yourself out there to the public. I wonder if she regrets that tee shirt or if she laughs about it.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday Shopping

Well enough about politics and on to something important - dog toys! At least in this house they are important. I decided to shell out the extra $$$ and try this line of dog toys.

I want to know that my dogs aren't going to end up swollowing toy parts and right now my only defense is to watch them. These toys are supposed to be extra durable. I took a photo of the thing so that I can compare it in a couple weeks after two rat terriers have had their way with it.

If it does turn out to be as good as they advertise, then I guess I could actually save money by not having to replace their toys as often ;)

Political Rant

I normally don’t talk about anything serious or controversial on this blog (with the exception of an occasional comment to spay or neuter your pets) but since the Presidential candidates have been all the talk, I thought I would put in my two cents.

Friends and relatives assumed I would be happy about John Mc Cain’s choosing of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential running mate because I lived in Alaska for 15 years and because she is a woman (I was a Hillary Clinton supporter). What they don’t realize is that I don’t see the two women (Clinton & Palin) as interchangeable! Look at Palin’s environmental record or consider that she is not pro-choice. (By the way if you go to the “news” page, you will see the use of two very unflattering photos of Hillary and Obama where she looks old and he looks goofy. That’s what I call dirty politicking, LOL)

It is exciting to see that the two major party tickets have diversity – Democrats has a bi-racial presidential candidate and the Republicans a female VP. This pretty much assures that something will change on November 4th; however, look a little deeper and you’ll find something more exciting. The Green Party (my registered party) has TWO female candidates, Cynthia McKinney & Rosa Clemente, and they are both African-American.

Now for my point. America is big, diverse place. I strongly believe that two parties can’t come anywhere close to representing the entire population. That is why about 15 years ago I switched my registration from Democrat to Green Party. And, that is also why I believe that forums such as Presidential debates should always be open to the other established parties no matter how small their following. You don’t truly have diversity if you don’t have inclusion. There! I said it! I’m stepping down from my soap box now.

Here’s a GREAT site for history and links to the many political parties in the US. It was interesting to browse while awake at 4am on a Saturday morning :) ALso, good for rainy day reading.

Photo from Greenparty of the United States web site

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Way Back Wednesday - Hull Pottery

Thought you might be a little tired of seeing old photos of me and my family so I decided to do Way Back Wednesday with a twist. Today I've posted photos of my Hull Pottery collection. This pottery is all older than me - that's why I believe it fits into Way Back Wednesday!

The candle holders in the photo above were the first pieces of Hull that I purchased. I was in downtown Puyallup, Washington when I saw them in the window of an antique store and recognized them as matching the one piece of Hull that I owned (more on that shortly).

The cornucopias in the back are the Open Rose, or Camillia, pattern made in the mid 1940's and a gift from my soon-to-be-husband at the time :) The small vase on the front right is the piece that started it all. When my Grandmother Krohn died this was in her belongings and I got it as a remembrance of her. I had no idea what it was other than a small vase. Later, I was at a friend's sister's house and saw she had a similar piece. That is how I learned it was Hull Pottery.

The piece in the back is Wildflower and produced during the 40's. More Open Rose in foreground.

The small piece on the left is Magnolia and manufactured during the mid 40's. The piece to the right is the pattern known as Water Lily and produced in the late 1940's. I don't see much Water Lily around.

Open Rose and Magnolia

Magnolia and Wild Flower. Isn't that teapot fabulous! I feel lucky to have it.

More of the same patterns but in a different colorway.

In the photo above you get a sneak peek at the pattern Woodland, made in 1949, with the little piece in the back left. The photo below has a Woodland piece you can really see. The piece on the right front is Orchid. I believe it is my oldest piece having been made in 1938. The piece in the very front is another from my husband who gave it to me for anniversary because it looks like a heart.

Notice the tag on the console (piece in front)? It's considered more collectible witht he tag or even a partial tag.

Well that's my collection. I won't bore you with all the wheres and whos they are from. I haven't purchased any Hull in many, many year but occassionally get one as a gift. My collection has caused at least 3 other people close to me to learn to identify Hull when displayed in a shop, LOL. Someday I will have a craftsman bungalow where I can display them :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Me and My Daisey

Jerry took this photo of me and my Daisey tonight. I think we look quite a bit alike - both with white face and red hair. What do you think? Do you look like your dog? Let's see those photos!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday....but not by me!

Recently I watched a television show called "Jon & Kate + 8" which is about a couple with two sets of multiples. That means they have 8 children but with only two birthdays so they give each child a "special" day when they alone go with mommy & daddy to do something fun. Since it can be hard to handle two rat terriers, much less a cranky chihuahua, at one time I decided to give my Daisey a special day with me - Eddie's will come later. I wanted to do a little bird watching, nothing too demanding, so I chose to go to the beach thinking there would be great shore bird watching. What I didn't consider is that most of the beach is blocked off by high rise condos or very expensive private homes. There are a few small city parks and some almost-hidden beach access areas for us regular folks but they don't allow dogs on the beach. I did find a nature preserve with a small dog park attached so that's where we started.....

There is a little information area (with restrooms, that's nice) and it had displays on the importance of sea grasses to help stop erosion and maintain habitat. I'm sure the boardwalk would have been interesting but dogs were prohibited :(

From the gazebo where Daisey and I sought shelter from the sun, there was a nice view and these two particular plants did an attractive job of framing that view.

Whoops! I got the photos out of order a bit. I've always thought these street markers were more attractive than the normal green and white variety - the sunburst is the stop for public transportation (known as the jolly trolly) and the fish sign is a mile marker and they are placed all along Gulf Blvd.

Here's the dog section of the preserve. It was a bit small but very clean. There is no seperation of big and small dogs and when we arrived a mid-sizer intimidated Daisey. The fence is kinda low and only a single gate opening. Obviously not designed by a dog owner. No watering hole either. There is a retention pond on the end if your dog likes wading and you aren't not afraid of alligators.

This photo demonstrates my frustration today with finding a place to watch shore birds. I am in the picnic gazebo shooting toward the road and you can see a house and then a high rise condo - both on the beach. This park is on the intercoastal side of the street.

Comfy gazebo with nice plantings and a nice breeze to help with the heat and intense sun. There were a couple of these. Next we were off the Sand Key.
There is a large Pinellas county park at Sand Key. I still couldn't get to the beach because I had Daisey (no dogs in beach area) and parking was metered. I only had 45 cents in change and that got me 21 minutes, LOL. Sandy key had a dog area with a bigger dog park and sections for small and large dogs. Also has a double entryway so no one escapes. Had a nice cooling station to water your pet, and spray or bath them as well. Several poop disposal areas too.
Daisey was on the scent of something. She sniffed and sniffed around the area.
She enjoyed walking around a bit while I enjoyed the shade and coolness under this awesome tree.
Oh, I did sneak into the parking lot of some huge hotel or condo and was able to park where I could see the intercoastal tide flats. I stayed just outside the car and was still able to identify a new bird for my life list. It was a Wilson's Plover. I'm sure I have seen them before but without a field guide never able to distinguish them from other similar plovers. Today I was able to see the black beak and the color of the legs. I was so excited I bought a Florida birdwatching book to help identify good spots for birding.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Jerry's Back!

So happy to have my DH back. I missed him. Plus, now we can get the storm shutters off the windows and get some light in this house! LOL. Photo of him at GrillSmiths where we went to dinner with the moms.

Hubby brought me back this pink camera case for my pink camera!

And the camera case wasn't the only gift that found it's way home to me. My mom brought me this piece of Hull from Seattle. Isn't it a cutie? Thanks mom!


This kaleiodoscope is from a photo of Daisey. My blogger friend Julie posted this site for making kaleiodoscope and it's very fun!

Saturday Morning

Jerry's plane is delayed.

Mom and I just finished a nice big tomato, bacon, and cheese omelet. I LOVE making omelets. When I was learning to cook I made one really bad omelet - it wa a spaghettio omelet. I didn't have anything else to add so I gave it a try. Even Mooney (the dog) wouldn't eat it!

When Mom was in Seattle Bill & Michelle gave her one of those photo frames with a memory card. After breakfast we enjoyed watching photos of Bill's young family and glimpses of Judy & Ted.

I got up early this morning to take out trash, pick up the dog poo, wash the patio, water orchids, load dishwasher, etc. I miss Jerry ;) I'm listening to my favorite radio program (Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me). If you don't listen to Public Radio on Saturday, you should give it a try. There is some grat programming.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Mom's Back

Mom is back from her vacation in Seattle. Instead of going out for Friday Girls Night Out, I made a stew in the crockpot and she made corn muffins. Yummy. She took me up on my invitation to spend the night and we purchased a movie on demand called "The Other Bolin Girl" with Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansen. Very well made and acted movie. It was a 2 hour movie but it seemed so short. Guess that means we liked it. We didn't get to see Ntalie Portman headless though. LOL

I'm settling in for the night with my book, coke, and laptop in bed, LOL. Should be my first good night of sleep since Jerry left for Virginia last Sunday. I'm tired from sleep deprevation and a long week at work even if it was only 4 days. Just don't sleep well without Jerr but having Mom here will help. The dogs are settled down too and not acting as though the boogie man is in the living room. It's been so windy that even the bathroom vent was making strange noises that a rat terrier could not ignore.

Big yawn.......I feel a great night's rest on the way........good night bloggers :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Eddie & The Toy Box

This is the dog's toy box with everything they "own". It's not often you see if like this because Eddie usually pulls toys out as I try to put them in. Any attention given to a toy, such as picking it up, suddenly makes it desireable even if it had previously been ignored for weeks.

I was trying to sort through the toys and pull out the ones they don't play with and the ones they mutilated by removing the squeeky, destuffing, and chewing off eyes and arms but, as you can see, Eddie had to take over.

Look at this sad lot above and below. Missing parts, flat, and dirty. Hard to believe that white goose gets washed about once a week. Seems he just loves to take it outside and leave it after it is freshly laundered then, when it gets dirty again, he brings it into the house for play.

Wjen I first got Eddie from Ratbone I was told that in temporary care he "does not seem to know what toys are". Daisey used to play with toys she but doesn't stand a chance now. Eddie thinks they are all his except for the Wubba that she guards. Interestingly, she taught him how to desqueek and destuff. These rat terriers are quick learners and they learn from each other.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Way Back Wednesday

Way back Wednesday takes us to my 9th grade year in Arkansas.............

Here's the tag line from the photo when it appeared in the Jonesboro Sun: "WITH THE GOVERNOR - Gov. Dale Bumpers played host to two Annie Camp Junior High students recently at the capitol. Second from left is Vickie Manning; right is Mark Rhodes. The two students, civic students of Rep. Roscoe Brown (left), won a Law Day essay contest."

If was no surprize that the other student was a winner in the essay contest because he was some sort of brainiac but I think folks were surprized that I won. What they didn't know is that I liked to write and I came up with a good idea to present to the lawyers who judged the contest (know your audience, rule #1). Gov. Bumpers later went on to be a US Senator for many years.

Can you believe how short my dress is? Scandalous! I remember feeling strange and ugly with redhair and freckles and being taller than most boys in my class. Now when I look back I don't think I looked wierd at all. Could be a case of "the older I get, the better I was", LOL.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Four Beasts That Wouldn't Let Me Sleep Last Night

Apparently they don't have anything against sleeping - just a problem with ME sleeping!





Dotee #4 - Halloween Swap

I was finally approved for the Halloween dotee doll swap. Seems when you are new they want a lot of information to determine that you will follow through. I understand - I've been in a couple round/row robins in quilting and never got my stuff back :(

September 1st is the sign up deadline, then swap partners are assigned, and the dolls must be mailed by October 1st. Since it's my first you can see I did it WAY in advance. I can be a procrastinator because I have to be "in the mood".

My dotees aren't as traditional as others so I hope mine isn't a disappointment. I did embroder the face this time but I added scrapbook items instead of beading.

The swap requires a traditional tail and I did that with the Halloween theme in mind!

A tired me still getting calls of concern. My mom wants me to call her today but Seattle is 3 hours away so I am waiting....waiting...waiting. Oh, I think the banging noise that kept us up all night is a neighbor's screen door but I am not sure. It continues this mroning but the rats have either become desensitized or it's not as scary in the daylight.

Here's Miss Daisey Mae - my creature of habit. She looks concerned because everything is so different. Momma didn't go to work, the windows are covered, there are big totes in the living room, and the house is clean and full of food! It's an alternate universe for her, LOL.

Neighborhood Muscovy

Broke Wing So, back in March a mama Muscovy showed up with 14 ducklings in the pond across the street. These ponds are retention pond...