Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Doggie Updates

Noodles the rat terrier is still missing; however, the local newspaper ran a great article on her so hopefully that will get her home. Click here to see the article online.

Chloe had a miraculous, temporary, partial recovery while we were at the vet's office. She was alert, noisy, moved around, tried to walk, ate food, etc. Not the same that was sleeping with her head in runny poo the day before. Sorry for the graphic description but that is just how bad she's been. An online friend suggested they get an adrenalen rush at the vet so they do better there. The jury is still out on the quality of life debate but we are going to see how she's doing after hopefully taking nourishment for a week.

Eddie went to the vet today too. He's been scratching and biting his back end like a crazy person for about a week. He even had broken skin & scabs from all his "work". Turns out he had two fleas on him. I was shocked that a) that he had fleas when he is on Frontline Plus, and b) that two tiny little fleas could cause that much discomfort. Turns out when he gained weight I didn't switch him to the larher dosage - I just kept buying the same box. Second, vet said that a dog that is not used to having fleas on it could get that crazy about it.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Stacey and Clinton, AGAIN!

Remember yesterday how I said I was shopping hard and smart and it felt like Stacy & Clinton from "What Not To Wear" were watching me? Well, tonight I went shopping again (Macy's & Dillard's) and I was feeling the same way as I passed on things that I knew weren't the best choice for me even though I liked the item or color. When I went in the dressing room there was Clinton! On the mirror! No kidding. There he was stuck to the mirror with some verbage about how to fix that crotch bunch you get with some pants (ok, crotch bunch is my term not Clinton's). That's so funny after taking about him to find his image and a quote in my dressing room.!

I tried on so many clothes but only ended up buying two tops and another jacket. I still have Money & gift cards left so there will be more shopping..........my feet hurt and I am getting tired.

Taking Chloe to my regular vet tomorrow. She seems to be going backward, not forward, to me.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

How I Spent My Birthday -or- My Trip Across The Sunshine Skyway Bridge

I spent my birthday traveling today. I had to cross the scary Sunshine Skyway bridge as part of my journey.

It's so high! Can you blame me for getting nervous over this? Actually I did better today - either I am starting to get used to it or my "trick" worked. What trick? I told myself today that since it's scary and you have to pay $1 to cross it, then it's just like a scary ride at Disney or Busche Gardens!

This is what it looks like when you are at the top IF you are in the center lane. For some reason I find the inside fast lane scarier so I ride in the outside lane and you can see over the edge down into the water. Perhaps that's not a good choce???? Oh, don't worry - I didn't photo while I drove. I got these photos from Wikipedia.
This is what greated us at Aunt Flossie's house. She has a beautiful salmon color Christmas cacus in prime bloom. She said she had two but due to overwatering she now only has one.
Here's today's photo of my Dad and his sister Flossie. She lives in Arcadia which is about an hour and half away from us. Dad will be spending the week there. I wil pick him up next Saturday. He spent Christmas with us and will spend New Year's with her. They were already making plans when we were leaving. if you happen to be in DeSoto county Florida this week and see an 80 year old man and a 92 year old woman driving in a big car, look out! They are up to no good, LOL.

I loved the ambiance in Aunt Flossie's front room. The combination of the Christmas lights and pig lights created a nice light and mood. It was sort of a pink/peach glow which is one of my favorite colors. I just KNOW my complexion looked good in those lights so it was hard to leave ;)

But leave we did. On the way home, mom and I stopped at Prime Outlets in Ellenton to spend some of my Christmas & birthday $$$. I had this big wad of cash and felt like I was on "What Not To Wear" as I tried to be super critical of cut & fit to ensure that I would wear the items I bought. Too often it's "good enough" and then I only wear it once or twice. It was hard to shop smart instead of settling. I spend about half and bought 3 pairs of pants, 3 tops, 1 dress, and a suit jacket. I truly felt like Stacy & Clinton were over my shoulder telling me something was nice but not right for me. Serious shopping is hard work!

Can I Really Be 51?

Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Birthday is Tomorrow.......

.....but we always celebrate on the nearest Saturday night. Plus, tomorrow I am driving my Dad to stay with his sister Flossie in Arcadia for a week.

Photo of my Dad, me, and my mom. Together like we were about 51 years ago, LOL. Perhaps a bit less hectic and much less painful for my mom.

We went to Kobe's Japanese Steakhouse for teppenyaki cooking. Pictured is the famous flaming onion volcano.

Mom and Jerry having a good time. Mom looks so innocent yet that sneaky woman somehow got a birthday cake ihto the restaurant without anyone knowing ;)

Here's the other side of the table - dad, me, and Marge. We all enjoyed our dinner very much.

Me with puffed out cheeks for vlowing out the candles on the cake. Thank goodness they didn't put 51 on it! We "forced" the other family at the table to eat cake to quoting my friend Patrick Saltonstall "it's bad luck not to eat birthday cake". I told them I don't if it is bad luck for me or for them but that they shouldn't risk it, LOL.

Now we are home and after several games of Wii, Dad and I are watching my new birthday DVD "Meerkat Manor season 4" and Jerry is smoking a cigar on the screen porch and reading a thick book he can't seem to keep his nose out of.

Rattie Christmas

Despite spending much of Christmas day at the emergency vet, we did find time to fit in the Christmas traditions of cooking, eating, and openings gifts with family.
Eddie's wish came true - he got a little girl for Christmas!

It's a good thing I only have two rat terriers or little Sarah would not have enough arms!

Eddie helps her unwrap her presents

My ratties love my cousin Erica

Daisey thinks these toys with no stuffing are strange!

Ed enjoying his bulley stick

The Christmas feast of prime rib, asparagus, oven roasted potatoes and candied sweet potatoes . Next Christmas is going to seem like a long time away for the next feast!

A Christmas No-No!

Chloe got Liquids!

I called the E-Vet and they suggested using an oral syringe to get liquids in Chloe and it worked! I considered it before calling but was afraid I would choke or drown her. Silly me. She's still wobbly headed and can't stand up. The vet says when you are dizzy it feels like you are standing still and everything is whorling around you. With Chloe's condition it's like everything else is standing still and she is whorling around. I just can't imagine. Here's some photos from this morning:

The mystery bruise I found on her abdomen when I picked her up from the E-Vet yesterday. They hadn't noticed it until I brought it to their attention.

Resting. You can see the bruise in this photo too. Also you can see her right paw which they first used for IV/bloodwork.

Her face shows just how miserable she must feel. Hopefully the meds will get her back to normal. She just tried a couple little barks while I was uploading photos so that might be a good sign.

The other paw. They accidentally cut her a little while shaving it for IV fluids.

Finally the only way to get liquid down her. She's eating but not drinking. Someone suggested some chicken broth and I may try that. I did give one syringe of milk last night at my Dad's urging.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Chloe Update

All the dogs, including Chloe, are chewing the meat off the rib bones from Christmas dinner. She's doing a really good job considering she's a little short on teeth! What I haven't been able to do is get her to drink water. I am trying to figure out how to force it down her at this point. This dog normally loves water but she is not at all interested.

Chloe Home From Hospital

She's not the same dog but she is back. She still has a head tilt but the body bend is improved. She's got two shaved areas from blood draws & IVs. Plus, she has a large bruise on her tummy that no one can explain. She stinks! She's been peeing on herself. They said they tried to clean her up for me but I could smell her a foot away. Poor thing.

The important thing is to continue meds and to get her to eat & drink. I asked if they were able to feed her and they said only if they hand fed her baby food. She suggested the meat types as long as there is no onion or garlic in them. I didn't want to leave her in the car to run into the grocery store for baby food so I made due with what we had on hand - Christmas prime rib. Not only did she eat every bit I gave her and gave me those big brown eyes that said "more please", but it seemed to bring her out of her stupor. She seemed alert and was following me with her eyes.

I just went to check on her and she had peed on her big bed so I changed beds. She has a dressing on her leg because it didn't want to quit bleeding when they removed the line. In fact, they had to redo it while I was there because blood soaked through. Anyway, point is that I want to bath her but thinking I should wait a little longer. Maybe tonight or tomorrow. They said I could take hte bandage off in a couple hours. She's a mess but she is home.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Chloe Is In The Hospital

Chloe has had what appears to be a stroke. She's being hospitalized for today and tonight at the emergency vet. Will post more later.

*** 7:35 update: spoke to vet. says she is still in a "head to tail" position, can't stand, will soon be trying to get her to eat/drink. She's had IV fluids and they've done bloodwork. She is dehydrated, anemic, something with liver count, and has pancreatitis. This is all in addition to her stroke/seizure episode. I will call them after 6:0am tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve

We went to our traditional Christmas dinner at the Beachcombers on Clearwater Beach tonight. Marge hosts the dinner every year since she is no longer able to cook but wants to contribute to our holidays meals. There is just something magical about Christmas Eve to me.

Tomorrow's meal will be at our house although I will have to take the rib roast and the potatoes to Marge's because of my nonfuncitoning oven. She doesn't want anyone to know what we are doing because her building is strict so we'll be trying to sneak a rib roast out of the building, LOL. Perhaps Santa will leave a new oven under my Christmas tree tonight.

Seriously though, I wish you a Merry Christmas. I hope you are able to spend the day with someone you love.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

1 of 4 Boxes Has Arived

I sent out 4 Christmas boxes (so far) but only 1 has arrived - bummer. I mailed out doggie stuff before human gifts because I made/sewed stuff meaning I had to start early. Apparently, not early enough. My online friend Michelle in Wisconsin got her box today and here's her pack modeling their doggie jammies I made for them. I am hoping my recipients in California & New York get theirs tomorrow :(

Meet Ms. Sydney. She is a petite Jack russell and it sounds as if she rules the roost at her house. She is modeling her new black polar flece jammies with embrodiered cheeries. Sydney has been featured on my blog before - she's the one who looks so good in red (although this photo makes her jammies look trimmed in hot pink, not red). These sames jammies were modeled on this blog by my Miss Daisey.
This is Buddy, Michelle's granddog, who is a mix of Jack Russell and Rat Terrier. Buddy was Michelle's foster until her son Jordan adopted him. Apparently Buddy thinks clothes with legs are gonna need some getting used to. He's sporting Michelle favorite teamwear in fleece.

Finally there is Sonic the Rat Terrier that Michelle & Mike rescued. Mike is a Packers fan and they live in Wisconsin so I made his jammes from Green Bay team wear. Mr. Sonic is a plus size rattie so I altered the pattern and they look good from what I see. I did the same for a vest I previously made for him so I guess you could say that Sonic has his own personal seamstress, LOL.

More Wrapping

Here's some packages going to Seattle........................

And these tins went to Jerry's work along with some trays of food.
Plus, I am still shopping today. Next year I will do the out of town shopping early or online and save the local shopping for later. I goofed this year and did DOG shopping early and people hsopping late. In fact, I have gifts for the dog of a friend of mine here in Clearwater but nothing yet for her, LOL.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Shopping, Wrapping, & Cruising Lights

Today was a full day. Dad & I shopped most of the day at several shopping centers and a mall. It was busy but not crazy. I didn't finish so I will do it again tomorrow. I need to buy perishables for Christmas dinner and trays for Jerry's work.

I wrapped everything tonight. And now our tree loooks like this. Finally have packages under the tree. If you sent a gift and you do not see it, it is because I put the packages to the front that coordinate with the tree (this year color theme is blue). I know, I'm wierd. Jerr once said he thought that might be a little rude but it's not like I hide unmatching gifts under the bed, I just move the matching ones to the front. Past years have included turquoise & silver, robin's egg blue & red, and gold & green.

Last night I cooked chicken parmesan & a big pot of chili. Actually I had to bake the chicken parm at MIL's house because my oven isn't working. Did I ever mention I hated my stove? Even when it was working? Anyway, we had the chili tonight and my mom brought over cornbread (which has to be baked in an oven) for dinner before we met up with cousin Lee, Erica, & Sarah to look at Christmas lights.

Amaizing how many people it takes to strap & unstrap a 3 year old in a car, LOL. Sarah watched a Baby Einstein video in the car. The neighborhood we went to does a huge display with many, many houses. It's actually overwhelming. Sarah wanted to walk but it was cold & windy and the neighborhood is large so we went to a smaller neighbor equally decorated where she could walk. The small neighborhood has lighted arbors over the sidewalks as well. Sarah didn't last long out there - not sure it was because of the cold & wind or the guy dressed up as a wizard in a lighted up cotume. Either one would have sent me back to the warmth of the van!

This is my neighbor's house. Now imagine a neighborhood with a couple hundred houses as decked out as this one and you have an idea of what we saw tonight.

Poor Eddie - exaughsted from all that cooking, cleaning, shopping, wrapping, and visiting.

Secret Santa

Members of RatTerrier.com had a Secret Santa program this year. Eddie & Daisey received a box from Slidell Lousiana full of toys, treats, and a pretty pink sweater for Miss D. We mailed our box to California but they haven't received it yet - hopefully today.

Daisey & Ed were a bit cautious about getting into their stockings. They sniffed them but I had to take the gifts out. They are way too polite for Rat Terriers, LOL.

And, they wouldn't rip up paper like in the posts of other Rat Terriers receiving their Secret Santa gifts. I started to show them and encourage them but Jerry reminded me it might be best if they weren't paper shredders because they can't distinguish "their" gifts from "ours". Good point.

Miss Daisey sniffing one of Eddie's toys. I think she was scanning for what parts she could chew off first. These Rat Rerriers love to destuff, desqueak, and distruct their toys.

Yummy, freeze-dried chicken livers! They loved these but mom & dad are less enthusiastic to hand them out because they STINK! Actually they are a very nice gift.

Ed took off with each toy as I unwrapped than and then he would see the next one unwrapped and come back and grab that it. He is a toy monster!

Miss D got a new sweater and it looks fabulous on her! The other side has the button detail but she was prancing so much it was hard to get a shot of her.

Eddie with all his loot. I attempted to prop the bulley stick up on him too but you can see that's never gonna work, LOL.

And Daisey's stuff. See the big red nose on that toy in the upper left, well that nose was gone in 5 minutes flat.

We purged all the old flat toys from the toy basket and now I love how all the new, clean toys look in the box. They only had a couple toys worth keeping and those are in the laundry. You can see Eddie is looking for his old, flat, funky toys - compare that to a previous post by clicking "here". Oh, and check out that same moose again in the upper left - notice the missing nose.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dad's Here & Mom's Birthday Dinner

Tonight we went to Maggiano's in Tampa to celebrate Mom's birthday which was actally yesterday but in our family, everybody's birthday is changed to the nearest Saturday so we can all go to dinner together, LOL. After dinner we picked dad up at the airport. He's here for a week, the off to Aunt Flossie's in Arcadia for a week, and then back here for a week. He sure gets around for an 80 year old!

The three of us, Dad on the left, me in the middle, and mom on the right. Not the most flattering of photos but heym whatcha gonna do?

Eddie loves his pawpaw and trusted him enough to chew his bulley stick on his lap. Pee-U that thing stunk but Ed didn't seem to notice.

My completed Christmas tree! Finally got the top part done. Bought some new ornaments at Cracker Barrell last night when I went there for dinner with my mom. They ahd a beautiful assort and all at 60% off!

Just a few random shots of the house decorations. This is our fireplace mantle. I have 7 stocking up this year since dad is here. The two on the ends are woven baskets. A friend in Kodiak was a basket weaver and I bought these from her. I think they are the coolest things. The next to last on right is one I croceted for our first Christmas together (in Anchorage). I basically crocheted the sock and then cross stitched the elk design with yarn. I got the design from the pair of socks I was wearing at the time, LOL.

A plate of wooden cookies and a Yankee candle gingerbread house candle holder that Marge gave me for Christmas last year.

My front door welcomer. I ran out of batteries trying to get the front doors. Perhaps I will take more photos tomorrow. I still need to clean up the dining room table from my sewing projects before I can decorate in there.

Neighborhood Muscovy

Broke Wing So, back in March a mama Muscovy showed up with 14 ducklings in the pond across the street. These ponds are retention pond...